Mom allegedly kicked 4-year-old to death for not brushing teeth.

Maryland 4-Year-Old Allegedly Kicked To Death By Mom For Not Brushing Teeth

A Maryland 4-year-old lost her life this week after police say her mother kicked her in her stomach, to her death, for not brushing her teeth. Police first got word of the injured 4-year-old when her mother called 911 to report that she had found her young daughter unresponsive, face-down in the bathtub.

As Inside Edition reports, 20-year-old Iris Hernandez-Rivas initially claimed that she didn’t know how her daughter had been injured. It wasn’t until the next day that the Maryland mom reportedly confessed that she had kicked her 4-year-old in the stomach for not brushing her teeth.

When authorities arrived at the home of 4-year-old Nohely Alexandra Martinez-Hernandez and her mom on Wednesday, they found the preschooler unconscious. According to her mother and the person who allegedly kicked her to death, she had waited an hour or more to contact authorities after finding the little girl unresponsive in the bath.

As Fox News reports, the Maryland 4-year-old was still alive when she was transported from her home to a local hospital, but paramedics determined that her condition was serious. When the 4-year-old arrived at the hospital, distressed physicians realized that her condition was much more severe than first responders had been led to believe.

Doctors found that 4-year-old Nohely’s tiny body was riddled with multiple contusions. In addition, the little girl had severe head trauma. She was transported from the local Maryland hospital to Children’s National Medical Center in Washington D.C., and her condition was downgraded to critical.

On Thursday, the day after the 4-year-old little girl was reportedly “found” already injured by her 20-year-old mom, police claim to have gotten a confession from the woman. According to investigators, Nohely’s mom admitted that she had angrily kicked the child in the stomach because her daughter had not brushed her teeth.

Hernandez-Rivas went on to tell police that after her daughter was forcefully kicked in the abdomen, the tiny 4-year-old fell backwards into a wall and struck her head.

Maryland 4-year-old kicked to death for not brushing her teeth.
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In addition to allegedly admitting to kicking her 4-year-old daughter for not brushing her teeth, the girl’s mother also reportedly admitted that she had beaten the little girl with a belt in the days prior to her severe injuries.

Injuries that would soon and tragically prove fatal. On Friday, investigators announced to local media outlets that the 4-year-old girl who had been violently kicked by her own mother for not brushing her teeth had died.

The assault on 4-year-old Nohely Alexandra Martinez-Hernandez reportedly took place in her living room, which is where her mother claims that the little girl hit her head. According to investigators, following the assault on her small daughter, Nohely’s mother noticed that she “appeared lethargic.”

That’s when, according to Iris Hernandez-Rivas, the 4-year-old went off by herself to take a shower. It was at the bottom of the shower where her mother would find her, unconscious and unresponsive, a mere 20-minutes later.

Rather than seek immediate medical attention for her daughter, investigators allege that Iris waited a full hour before calling 911.

Mom allegedly kicked 4-year-old daughter to death over brushing teeth.
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Iris Hernandez-Rivas has been charged with first-degree child abuse and first-degree assault for allegedly admitting to kicking her daughter to death for simply not brushing her teeth.

It is likely that the mother of deceased 4-year-old Nohely Alexandra Martinez-Hernandez will face additional charges in connection with allegedly kicking her daughter to death. However, before further charges are filed in the case, additional evidence will be necessary. Investigators are reportedly waiting for the medical examiner to release the little girl’s official cause of death before determining what additional charges may be handed down in the case.

Iris Hernandez-Rivas, who police say kicked her 4-year-old to death for not brushing her teeth, is being held without bond.

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