Jordan Peele & Chelsea Peretti [Feature Image by: Matt Winkelmeyer/Getty Images]

Jordan Peele, Chelsea Peretti Expecting: Comic Baby On the Way!

Self-proclaimed “one-of-the-greats” Chelsea Peretti and comedian Jordan Peele are expecting their first child and the comic community is excited with their announcement.

According to People, Jordan Peele told Seth Meyers during his interview in the Late Night with Seth Meyers show that they have eloped.

Peele was there together with his comic partner Keegan-Michael Key when they were asked to share a trivia about each other so fans can tell them apart. Peele then answered with a surprising fact that not everyone may know.

Chelsea Peretti Jordan Peele [Image by: Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]
Chelsea Peretti Jordan Peele [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

Key responded by saying, “I am not married to actress Chelsea Peretti, we are just dating.”

Although the announcement was a bit low-key, Peretti did not hide their elopement as she took to Instagram to announce the event, showing her pup as the “only witness” during their wedding.

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The couple has been dating for two years before they decided to announce their engagement last November. The two have been secretive about the whole process, but Peele said that they actually laid out a pretty explicit plan for their wedding.

❤️eloped a bit ago????❤our only witness was this lil guy️ ????

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Chelsea Peretti and Jordan Peele participated in a campaign where they would supposedly choose the location of their marriage. The couple did multiple clips for the site showing how they would choose their ideal wedding escapade. Peele also had another “Bachelor’s Party” clip with Keegan-Michael Key.

Check out their adorable and somehow cryptic clips below.

Golden Comic Baby!

The two may have a low-key relationship in Hollywood compared to the entertainment industry’s biggest couples like Beyonce and Jay-Z, but these two are serious comedians. Thus, their baby will be one of the comic industry’s golden baby.

Chelsea Peretti currently appears on FOX’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine together with SNL alumnus Andy Samberg. Peretti’s performance as Gina Linetti in the show earned her multiple acclaims, including the ones from Entertainment Weekly saying she is one of the “buzziest breakouts” in New York. Peretti has also been considered as a “comedic gem, whose dry wit is unparalleled.” Her Linetti act was also nominated for Favorite Comedy Supporting Actress in the 2014 American Comedy Awards.

Chelsea Peretti is not new in the comedy industry since she is also an accomplished writer having written for popular TV shows like Parks & Recreation, SNL, The Sarah Silverman Program, Portlandia, and Kroll Show.

Peretti has a very unique take on comedy. As a proud feminist, she likes her work to be considered alongside the greats, without regard to her gender. She even received a solo comedy special on Netflix, Chelsea Peretti: One of the Greats. As for her secret, Peretti said she does not want copying anybody’s style.

“A lot of comedians will say, ‘My first five years I was just doing ‘Eddie Murphy’ and then I found my voice’. I don’t feel like that. What confounds me about that statement is, I learned not to plagiarize in elementary school. I don’t understand how it’s possible to be doing someone else’s material for five years and not feel any guilt or awareness that this is thievery. But people do it, and comedians tend to have a fair amount of compassion for it.”

Her husband Jordan Peele is also a comedy genius. Peele was mostly known for the duo skit, Key & Peele. Peele has appeared in multiple projects, including TripTank, SuperMansion, Life in Pieces, The Muppets, Bob’s Burgers, and in the upcoming film Captain Underpants: The First Epic Movie.

Peele is biracial, with his mom being white and dad being black. Peele is also an advocate of the Obama administration. His biracial quality has been his trademark ever since he started in comedy.

“I love dishing it out to everybody, and I love doing that on the show. But Keegan and I are usually perceived as African-American, and those characters are our bread and butter. Yes, we make fun of a lot of black people, but we make fun of a wide variety of black people because we don’t like this idea that black people are a monolith, that there’s only one type of black people.”

So, to the kid (or kids) of these two amazing comedians, the world could not help but anticipate on their unique parenting style.

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