Cody Rhodes in the Elimination Chamber

Cody Rhodes Doesn’t Watch WWE

Cody Rhodes, son of Hall of Famer Dusty Rhodes and former WWE superstar, revealed in an interview with The Guide Live many things, including that he doesn’t watch the current product.

“I mean, unless somebody asks me specific to watch – a lot of my buddies, we’re in one massive group text so there’s a lot of griping and chatting about gossip, feels like I’m still in the locker room half the time and I miss that – but right now it’s not really for me.”

“It wasn’t really for me the last few years I was there. Not that I don’t love WWE, I had such fun there. I met my wife there. Just the product being PG and being so watered down with such super talented guys on it, it almost makes me mad to watch it. So, I avoid.”

This was not the only thing Rhodes had to say about his former employers, as he also commented on Kurt Angle’s induction into the Hall of Fame.

“He’s just a tremendous headliner. He’s the greatest pure wrestler – no one with an amateur acumen can ever compare unless they also have an Olympic gold medal… I just can’t wait to see him. I let him know that day that I can’t wait to see him and tell him congratulations. One of the things my dad told me was the only real thing when it comes to the world of wrestling, the only real thing is the Hall of Fame. Maybe that’s because he was a Hall of Famer, but I’ll never forget that.”

The Rhodes Brothers vs The Shield
Rhodes stands on the turnbuckles prior to a match. [Image by WWE]

Rhodes, who is currently signed to New Japan Pro Wrestling, made his debut at Wrestle Kingdom 11, where he defeated Juice Robinson. Prior to that, Rhodes announced he was the newest member of the Bullet Club. Rhodes also revealed he was performing under the moniker “American Nightmare.” This is a twist on his dad’s moniker, “The American Dream.”

“Yeah, right? I think people know about me, I try to stay clear of doing a lot of what my dad did because we’re very different. And nobody could do what he did, and I’d just be a cheap imitation if I did that. He wanted me to be my own thing. But like you said, it’s so simple. How come it never hit anybody prior? So, that’s why I’m glad that it’s taken off. It’s a great moniker and it means something to wrestling fans.”

He also mentions how supportive NJPW has been with the nickname.

“As far as NJPW, they really took to the concept of ‘The American Nightmare’ and the name itself. Those American Nightmare shirts, we thought a couple people would buy them at the Tokyo Dome, we didn’t realize we would sell upwards of 10,000 in one night… I’m all on board with The American Nightmare. It’s funny to me because Dusty being ‘The American Dream’, the name never really percolated with me, I suppose, and then [NJPW] gave it to me and I very much like it.”

Arrow star Stephen Amell famously wrestled at Summerslam in 2015, where he and Neville defeated Rhodes and King Barrett in a tag team effort. Rhodes also appeared in an episode of Arrow and says he could do some more acting.

“I think that’s one of the main reasons we set up shop in Los Angeles was to give it a real, full 100 percent try. There’s some cool stuff we’re going to announce in the next few months, there’s definitely a couple new parts we’ve garnered. Wrestling, I’m not trying to jump ship and I’m always going to be wrestling whether it’s in tiny little Knights of Columbus or it’s in a big arena, wrestling is just part of me and I couldn’t live without it. But, there’s definitely some more acting on the horizon, and hopefully a little bit more with the CW and the Arrow family.”

Amell performs a dropkick
Rhodes (as Stardust) fights Stephen Amell at Summerslam 2015. [Image by WWE]

Cody Rhodes has been tearing it up on the independent scene and establishing a name for himself, both as an actor and a wrestler. Hopefully, he continues to enjoy himself doing what he loves.

[Featured image by WWE]