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L.A. Lakers Trade Rumors: Young NBA Players Available At Right Price

L.A. Lakers trade rumors have the team open for business as the deadline approaches. While it had seemed like the Lakers might hold their ground and keep all the young assets on the roster, now it seems that the team is willing to listen to offers on many players. That could make the NBA trade deadline extremely interesting, especially if another franchise is willing to overpay to acquire one of those young Lakers prospects.

A report by NBA analyst Steve Kyler states that the Lakers are trying to find their new “mode” after bringing in Magic Johnson as an advisor. Johnson is a former MVP and champion with the Lakers and is often called one of the best point guards in basketball history. He had been offering his guidance to the franchise for a while now, but it seems that the front office finally decided to pick up the phone.

“Was told Lakers open to trades but anything involving young guys is very pricey.”

This is yet another NBA analyst stating that L.A. Lakers trade rumors could really start percolating if the right offer comes along. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the Cleveland Cavaliers were expressing interest in point guard Jose Calderon. The Cavs want to add a playmaker off the bench and Calderon is in the final year of his contract. It could be easy for the Lakers to part with the backup point guard for the right offer, especially if the plan is to let him walk away in free agency.

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The Lakers still have Lou Williams under contract for another year, as well as Nick Young, who has a player option for the 2017-18 NBA season. Williams makes $7 million next year, while Young will make about $5.7 million if he decides to opt in. Those would be the easiest players for the Lakers to deal, but there has been limited interest from around the league in either role player. What they could be is additional players placed in deals in order to match up salaries. The Lakers certainly wouldn’t mind taking them off the payroll for next year.

The biggest assets that keep coming up in L.A. Lakers trade rumors are Luol Deng, Timofey Mozgov, Jordan Clarkson, D’Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram, Julius Randle, Larry Nance Jr., and now Ivica Zubac. That’s a lot of players that have received differing levels of interest from other NBA franchises, but it doesn’t mean that the Lakers front office is going to make any of them available at the NBA trade deadline. It could certainly spark a lot of chatter, though, if the Lakers officially made players like Russell or Randle immediately available.

In the latest NBA standings, the Lakers have the most losses in the Western Conference. The team was supposed to be competing for one of the final spots in the Western Conference Playoffs, but instead, fans are hoping that the Lakers can secure a nice lottery pick. The Lakers only get to keep that pick if it falls in the top three of the 2017 NBA Draft, though, due to the Steve Nash trade that continues to haunt the franchise. If the pick falls out of the top three selections, it then goes to the Philadelphia 76ers. As if the 76ers need another lottery selection.

L.A. Lakers Coach Luke Walton
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It’s a tricky situation for the front office in Los Angeles, as there is still a lot of talent on the current roster. They have to work out who the players are that should remain with the franchise and who should be dealt off in return for draft picks or a veteran presence. The key is to not blow up the team before the Lakers can find out what D’Angelo Russell, Brandon Ingram, and Julius Randle can do in the postseason. It is going to be an interesting few weeks as the brass decides if it’s time to make a move and give credence to some of the L.A. Lakers trade rumors out there. In Magic they trust.

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