Roman Reigns In The Rings

WWE Plugs Roman Reigns Into ‘WrestleMania 33,’ But Would Win Be A Debacle?

Roman Reigns is the ultimate WWE package when it comes to a visual, but besides being easy on the eyes, where does this guy fit in? Reigns stuns with his gorgeous looks, which gives him sex appeal. His physique sports some of the biggest pecs to ever come down the WWE ramp, giving all the body builders out there something to aim for with their own sculpting techniques. Yes, the WWE package is complete for a good picture, but there is so much more going on with Reigns that can be rather baffling at times.

Reigns has three groups of people invested in acknowledging this wrestler. There are those WWE fans who are haters, which Reigns himself is quite aware of. Then there are the WWE fans who love and support Reigns, who he can’t thank enough when he comes up to the mic. It is the third group of fans that just may fuel the WWE’s tendency to keep pushing him through to bouts without having to do the work to get there.

That group consists of the people who love to hate Reigns. As the Bleacher Report suggests, the WWE could have turned him into a “heel” and taken the easy way out, but Reigns packs in the fans. The WWE fans that respond to Reigns with either love or hate are extremely passionate about their feelings one way or another.

To keep Reigns in the WWE mix, or more like to keep the fans in the mix, the WWE has Reigns unofficially booked as a “hybrid, shades of grey babyface,” writes the Bleacher Report.

For all intents and purposes, Reigns dwells in a WWE limbo-like level where he’s far from superstar fame in the traditional way, but he’s becoming somewhat of a superstar in his own right. The WWE fans gravitate towards the gorgeous hulk of a wrestler, and yes, many are rooting for him to win, but there are just as many WWE fans cheering him on to lose.

When news of a possible match between Reigns and The Undertaker hit social media, the comments were so polarized, it was as if they were talking about two different people. The Undertaker is a WWE fan favorite. If fans were asked to name the most loved WWE personality, the Undertaker is probably the first person who comes to mind.

According to the Wrestle Zone News, the reveal of Reigns vs. the Undertaker is making headlines today, but the making of this WWE match started a while ago. Reigns was put into the Royal Rumble match this year to set up the match between the two at WrestleMania 33.

There was also strategy behind Reigns in the number 30 spot at the Royal Rumble, which is a spot that is usually reserved for a wrestler that would surprise the crowds. Traditionally it would be used for a wrestler returning after a long hiatus or for a wrestler that would bring some type of a surprise to the crowd.

WWE knew what they were doing despite the amount of backlash over Reigns taking that special spot. It was done to help Orton get a “babyface reaction when he eventually won the match when he finally eliminated Reigns.”

Now that the news is out and all but official, both groups of WWE fans, the lovers and haters of Reigns, agree on one thing: this could be the feature match of WrestleMania 33. This causes another dilemma for the WWE if The Undertaker doesn’t win the match. Not to mention having the potential to turn some of Reign’s fans against him if he did win against The Undertaker.

Where Reigns is today and where he will be at WrestleMania 33 is all part of a strategy, the same type of strategy that’s applied to any wrestler as they move their way up the ranks. The difference with Reigns is that he is skipping a lot of that hard work up the ladder of the WWE, which in turn peeves off a lot of WWE fans. This is especially true for the long-time fans of the WWE, who have watched all the superstars do the work to earn spots in the big WWE title bouts.

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