Julian Edelman and Adriana Lima dating rumors

Julian Edelman And Adriana Lima Dating Rumors: Is Patriots Star With Supermodel?

Are Julian Edelman and Adriana Lima dating? There appear to be some possible hints to the fact that the New England Patriots player and supermodel are currently a couple. That could make for yet another Patriots player to be linked to a supermodel, as quarterback Tom Brady is currently married to Giselle Bundchen. Here are some of the latest details on the speculative sports and supermodel couple.

With Super Bowl 51 taking place on Sunday, plenty of fans and casual viewers will be wondering not only about the outcome of the game, but also which players are married or have girlfriends. Tom Brady and Gisele’s is probably the most publicized relationship in the NFL, as the Patriots QB and supermodel have been married since 2009. However, it appears that Brady’s teammate is also being linked to a gorgeous supermodel as well, and one who has worked alongside Gisele in the past.

Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen at event
Adriana Lima and Gisele Bundchen appear at a 2004 event together. [Image by Matthew Simmons/Getty Images]

Adriana Lima is also well known as a celebrity within the modeling world. The 35-year-old Brazilian model is known for her modeling work for Victoria’s Secret, just like Gisele, and has also been featured in several different Super Bowl commercials. In addition to all of that, she’s had some minor acting roles, appearing on How I Met Your Mother in 2007 as herself, and in 2001 movie, The Follow starring Mickey Rourke and Forest Whitaker.

On Sunday, the Bustle website discussed the ongoing rumors and indicators that Edelman and Lima are dating. They mention that the two actually met through another of Edelman’s teammates, Rob Gronkowski, in the summer of 2016. While it seemed the football star and supermodel might be getting cozy, Lima was seen out and about with Ryan Seacrest not long after, which led to further rumors. However, it was later reported that Seacrest and Lima were merely “catching up with a group of friends” after working together during the Summer Olympics in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil.

Just last month, Adriana Lima attended her first-ever New England Patriots game. As TMZ reported, Lima was photographed alongside several other girlfriends and wives for the Patriots team. They included D.J. Foster’s girlfriend Ciera Liguori, Tyler Gaffney’s girlfriend Kristen Rorie, and Martellus Bennett’s wife, Siggi Bennett. NESN reporter Michaela Vernava posted an image showing off Lima sporting the JE11 winter hat on the field.

While that kept the dating rumors going, a source apparently told TMZ it’s more of a casual thing.

“When they can see each other, they do. But it’s not very often.”

Lima was good luck for the team at the first game she attended, as Edelman’s Patriots won the AFC Divisional Playoff game 34-16. Unfortunately, Edelman and Brady were in a slump, with the Pats’ receiver making just one catch for a total of nine yards in the game.

Julian Edelman and Tom Brady of Patriots
Edelman and Brady have supermodels in their lives as they search for another Super Bowl title. [Image by Jim Rogash/Getty Images]

However, his 2016 NFL season has been a boost for New England, especially with the loss of star tight end Rob Gronkowski. Edelman has been known as one of the most productive receivers in the league for the past several seasons, but he’s not mentioned as one of the best, necessarily. However, he’s racked up 1,106 yards on 98 receptions along with three touchdowns this season, and 4,540 yards and 24 touchdowns over the course of his career. Luckily for the Patriots, this seventh-round draft pick has been with them ever since 2009, helping them win the big game in 2015.

Edelman will now take the field on Sunday to help quarterback Tom Brady and the Patriots battle against the Atlanta Falcons for another Lombardi Trophy. It’s quite possible that viewers will catch glimpses of Adriana Lima and Gisele during the matchup, or afterward if it’s a Patriots win since these gals have never been camera shy and are certainly photogenic.

[Featured Image by Jim Rogash/Getty Images]