'General Hospital' Spoilers: Bobbie And Felicia Uncover Nelle's Secret

‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Bobbie And Felicia Uncover Nelle’s Secret

General Hospital spoilers are teasing the end is in sight for the Nelle (Chloe Lanier) storyline. It has been several months since Nelle landed in Port Charles and was revealed to be the kidney donor who saved Josslyn (Eden McCoy) from a very tragic fate. When she showed up, fans were suspicious of Nelle. From the way she acted to the comments she made about her “plan,” there was something a little off about her. Bobbie (Jaclyn Zeman) got the same weird vibe from Nelle as fans had, and she is sure she wants to expose whatever she feels she is hiding.

Rumors about who Nelle really is have been circulating across social media and also on the specific pages for General Hospital. An important thought was that Nelle might have been a child Carly (Laura Wright) gave up for adoption and may have even forgotten about. It appears that may not be the case at all. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Nelle is actually the daughter of Frank Benson, the man who was Carly’s adoptive father. This is all going to be discovered through the detective work of Felicia Scorpio (Kristina Wagner). It looks like this was one of the better decisions Bobbie has made, especially because Nelle took the bait Felicia offered.

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Nelle has the box of mementos in her apartment, which is where Felicia will be headed next. General Hospital spoilers indicate that once she gets inside of Nelle’s apartment to “redecorate,” she will locate the box that Nelle has been hiding from everyone. Inside, there is the “Caroline” rattle which belonged to Carly as a baby. This revenge plan all stems back to when she was a little girl, and that was brought back up recently when Josslyn was working on a family tree.

The idea is that Nelle is the biological child of Frank Benson, the adoptive father who reportedly abandoned Carly and her adoptive mother when she was incredibly little. General Hospital brought all of this front and center last week, when Carly was remembering her childhood. Michael (Chad Duell), Bobbie, Carly, and Josslyn were looking at old photos. Nelle was there, listening to the story Carly told about Frank and the abandonment, and when she set the photo down and left the room, Nelle hastily grabbed it. Bobbie came in and found her looking upset, and things got tense between them. This is when the idea of Felicia really came into play, and the entire plan was set into motion.

February sweeps are beginning for General Hospital, and the spoilers coming out are promising a lot of surprises. Fans have been waiting to wrap up the Nelle storyline for several months now, especially because of her involvement with Sonny. Whoever has been ordering Nelle around seems to know a lot about the Corinthos family and if it isn’t Frank Benson himself, who could it be? Theories have been floating around, and some General Hospital fans believe it could have been Jax (Ingo Rademacher), especially because he seemed to know her from the beginning. When everything is brought to light, Port Charles will never be the same.

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As next week progresses and more clues about Nelle’s identity are put out in the open, things are going to be shaken up. General Hospital spoilers are saying that Carly will go on to forgive Nelle because she still saved her daughter and at one point, Carly did the same thing to Bobbie. It is going to be a very twisted reveal, but fans are ready for everything to be out in the open. General Hospital spoilers promise a jaw-dropping moment, and fans hope that is exactly what happens.

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