Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney Had The Ability To Go Gracefully, Not The Desire

Commentary | Mitt Romney turned out to be exactly what everyone said he was. The 2012 Republican Presidential nominee showed in the end that he was callous and cold and that the little people really are just pawns in his grand scheme and, even though he had a lot to say about the plight of the middle class, he didn’t want to keep his end of the bargain.

Reports are in that, even as he realized that he was not going to win the Presidential election and that he was going to have to concede, Romney didn’t take the time to thanks staff and supporters; he was too busy canceling all his top staffs’ campaign credit cards. Nothing like having to pay for your own cab ride home after a stunning loss Mitt; thanks for the support.

The pundits are awash with opinions as to why Mitt Romney was not able to defeat a very vulnerable opponent and bring the Presidency home to the Republican Party. I have heard people saying it was his incessant flip flopping, he wasn’t conservative enough, he was too conservative, he was too white, he was anti-women, and that he was a callous and cruel businessman who was willing to lie and cheat his way to the top. Any one of those could have contributed to his loss.

Yet I think it was one over riding issue that made people dislike Mitt Romney. In the end, he had no class. Not saying Obama did, but sometimes it is better to go with the devil you know.

Mitt was so confident he was going to win that he didn’t even bother writing a concession speech. He was so sure that the electorate saw things his way after the first debate that Obama would be a fading memory by this time. That type of arrogance defined the entire Mitt Romney campaign.

Mitt was videotaped at a campaign fundraiser telling his supporters that 47 percent of the voters would be voting for Obama no matter what. This 47 percent felt dependent on the government and felt they were entitled to healthcare, food, and housing. He was right about that, but what he left out is that is wasn’t 47 percent of voters, it was 100 percent of voters that feel reliant on the government to provide for their needs. Yes Mitt, even you are dependent on the government for your needs. The rich need the government to hand them tax breaks and classify their multibillion dollar companies as small businesses in order to provide for their own needs. Just because those voters feel the government should be providing them with Cadillacs, mansions, and private jets doesn’t make them any different.

Also you, Mitt, you ran this campaign with a huge sense of entitlement. You were entitled to the nomination because you had been running for 6 years. You were so entitled that you didn’t have differences of opinions with your primary rivals; you sought to destroy them. These were people in your party with big, bold ideas. They could have helped you win the Presidency, Mitt; you could have incorporated their vision into your own philosophy. But not this year, nope. You attacked them, went after their families; you called them liars and made them look foolish in the eyes of the Republican party. Now they hate you Mitt. Newt was not out raising money for you. Herman Cain kept as much distance from you as possible. Rick Santorum couldn’t even be bothered giving you more than a half-hearted endorsement and a convention speech you said he had to vet through you.

You thought you deserved the Presidency, Mitt, because you think you deserve anything you want. You ran for President having only been a one term governor of a Blue State, Mitt. Other than that one time, you have lost every time your name has been on the ballot. Every private venture that you tried to take complete credit for was financed by the government. Bain got tax breaks and assistance for portfolio companies, the Olympics would have floundered without the federal money you begged them for, and even Massachusetts took more money from the government during your term than most other States.

You see, though, Mitt, you underestimate people’s memories. Now as you fade into obscurity and have no one to blame for your loss but yourself, I hope you have the ability to do some serious soul searching. I hope you can realize that people have an inherent value whether they are CEOS or janitors, investment bankers, or garbage men. If you ever want to be relevant again, and not just that guy who ran for president and got his butt handed to him by President Obama, it is time to reach out to those that brought you as far as you came and ask for some forgiveness.

I am sure if you really need, you can call Chris Christie for support. He was one of the first people to back you for President. Oh, right, you and your people were too busy calling him a traitor during a national disaster to realize he was a friend. Well, I guess you can’t call him, but at least he is spending his time with Obama and Bruce Springsteen these days. Well, at least you had Ted Nugent!