Lindsay Lohan Limo Lawsuit Settled After Star Coughs Up Bill

Lindsay Lohan Limo Lawsuit Settled After Star Coughs Up Bill

Lindsay Lohan’s limo lawsuit has been resolved after the actress paid up on fees she allegedly dodged in 2011.

The star was accused in October 2011 of failing to pay Elite Transportation Limo and Security Services $90,000 for chauffeured services and private security. After a lengthy courtroom face-off (just one of many legal scraps Lohan has been involved in recently), the star has agreed to cough up.

TMZ reports that the actress paid the limo company “close to the full amount she owed,” and both parties now consider the case settled. The luxury car company said the star used their services at various points between February and May 2009 at a rate of $6,000 per hour. They also claimed Lindsay Lohan’s limo tab reached $90,585.79.

Although this legal confrontation might be settled, Lohan is not an entirely free woman yet. She’s soon to be charged with obstruction of justice in a case that will be filed this week and could even face jail time if found guilty.

The Lindsay Lohan limo case is not the first time the star has been accused of leaving a bill unpaid. As recently as August, the actress was booted out of out of her Chateau Marmont hotel suite in West Hollywood due to allegedly not paying a bill of approximately $46,000.

Within hours of being kicked out of her posh digs, the star heroically blamed the unpaid tab on her film company.