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‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Will Nora Buchanan Be The New District Attorney?

The excitement surrounding ABC’s General Hospital this week has been the hiring of Hillary B. Smith. The soap actress hails from the former daytime drama, One Life To Live, until it was taken off the air in 2012. Now that the official announcement that Nora Buchanan will be coming to Port Charles, many people are speculating on what her purpose will be and if she will be a permanent fixture on the soap.

There has not been much information concerning Smith’s arrival on General Hospital. She will be playing the role of Nora, who just happens to be a lawyer, just as she portrayed on the now canceled One Life To Live. However, the rumor is that she is stepping into the role as the new district attorney of Port Charles. As SoapHub has pointed out, there was a hint recently on the show when it was mentioned that a new female DA was coming to town.

This would make perfect sense to have this new character on General Hospital become the next district attorney. Remember that former DA, Paul Hornsby, ended up being the hospital serial killer and is now in jail. He was the one who killed Sabrina Santiago when she happened to be at the wrong place at the wrong time and realized that Paul was the killer. He took her life so she wouldn’t spill the beans. Now that he has gone off to prison, his former position has not yet been filled, so it is about time that someone comes on board to take it.

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Nora Buchanan is one tough cookie as soap fans know from watching this character on One Life To Live. She knows how to get around in the courtroom and is one of the most well-loved soap actresses around. General Hospital has snagged her right up now that ABC has gained the rights back to the former soap characters that once graced daytime TV screens for so many years. Will there be more actors to follow?

There are so many talented people who lost their jobs during the cancellation of All My Children and One Life To Live. Fans have missed seeing them, but they may now have a chance to see them again if more of them are hired to portray their previous roles. They could make their way to a new set on General Hospital.

As for Hillary B. Smith, she will be rubbing elbows once again with her former co-stars. That includes Rebecca Budig, Michael Easton, and Roger Howarth. There were also earlier rumors swirling that Kristen Alderson could make her way back to Port Charles as well. She came on board as Star Manning first, then eventually returned as Kiki Jerome until she left the soap in 2015 to pursue other options. However, she had expressed just last month that she would be willing to return to General Hospital if it would all work itself out and if the execs would ask her back.

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Nora Buchanan will be in Port Charles soon, and if she does take over the job of district attorney, Sonny Corinthos and the Jerome family better just watch out. She could be out for justice against these mob families. It also looks like she will be crossing paths with defense attorney Diane Miller as well. Actress Carolyn Hennesy gave a hint of what’s to come when she posted an Instagram photo of her and Hillary together on the set of the PC courtroom that is so familiar to General Hospital viewers. Will they be friends or foes? She did write this on her Twitter account.

Legal eagles Diane and Nora!

A photo posted by Carolyn Hennesy (@carolynhennesy) on

“With Diane’s new bestie and fellow legal, Nora Buchanan!!! Someone’s comin’ to Port Charles!!!”

Will Nora replace Alexis Davis as Diane’s new bestie? They will most likely be battling it out in the courtroom, especially if Nora will be going after Sonny Corinthos. It should make for an interesting time between these two.

Would you like to see Nora Buchanan brought in as the new district attorney?

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