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WWE News: TNA Stars Matt And Jeff Hardy Still Believed To Be Jumping To WWE

Matt and Jeff Hardy have been key members of the TNA Wrestling roster in 2016, with Matt standing out heavily, but could both Hardy brothers be back on their way to the WWE? We know by now that 2016 really brought back the career of Matt Hardy, which saw him take his broken character to new heights. It became such a success that it began getting the attention of people who did not even know TNA existed, causing people to check out the company.

Clearly, this was a big deal for TNA, and with new ownership coming in, Matt Hardy has been given some creative input already this year. Jeff Hardy has also been a highlight, as he joined his brother by truly taking on the Brother Nero character. WWE had an interest in signing Jeff Hardy earlier in 2016, but with Hardy being hurt and unable to jump at the time, he signed a new deal to stay for one more year. Had he not, whose to say this broken gimmick would have gotten to where it did?

To be fair to Matt, he would have likely still done it. However, the first original plan went with his brother being his opponent and eventual partner in the madness. Could the gimmick have turned out as well with another opponent to begin with? No one truly knows the answer. Due to his own value increasing, it was reported a while back that Triple H had an interest in bringing back Matt Hardy along with his brother when before Jeff was the only one the company had interest in.

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The thought was that when their TNA contracts expired, they may consider jumping to the WWE as it would make sense for them to do so if the price was right. Due to getting over so well with the broken brothers gimmick, one would imagine that WWE would allow the two to use this gimmick in WWE. The problem with it is due to TNA. The company has allowed both men to use the gimmick on the independent scene, but if they left TNA, the company would likely be able to call copyright.

This is due to the company having allowed it on screen first. If Matt Hardy came up with the gimmick outside TNA, then he could have owned it and not TNA. This means while he can pull out some of the broken character in WWE, he could not go with all of the same material due to some possible copyright that TNA may have over him. It is likely he could try to get some sort of creative license over the character and take it, but that is uncertain.

What is certain is that both Matt and Jeff Hardy were set to be under contract with TNA until this month. Their contracts are either very close to expiring or already have, and that means that they would need to sign a new deal to stay with TNA. According to Cageside Seats, neither they nor Drew Galloway have signed new deals with TNA, and it is uncertain if they will do so.

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As previously mentioned, there is some WWE interest, and that could push for both brothers to leave TNA for the first time in years. Jeff Hardy has mentioned he would like to retire after one last run with WWE, and this could be his chance to do that. Meanwhile, Matt Hardy has no real inclination to retire as of now, but could do so in a few years if needed.

Jeff Hardy clearly went through a lot over his over two decades in the ring. He had managed to stay injury free despite the various forms of torture he put his body through over his career, making some believe in a higher power if not for all of us, for at least Hardy. Meanwhile, Matt has gone through a lot of horrific ladder matches too, but nothing to the extent of the hardcore wrestling style that his brother Jeff went through.

All in all, either as a tag team or on his own, Jeff Hardy has competed in over about a dozen ladder matches. This is not including the other hardcore matches both went through. Clearly Jeff Hardy wants one last run with WWE to call it a career, and he would like to do it by next year. With a possible return to WWE this year, Jeff can go through the run he would like. Meanwhile, Matt could end up using his popularity to rise to new heights that his former WWE career did not allow him to reach. This is of course if his character could get over in WWE as it has with the TNA and independent fans.

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