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‘Flip Or Flop’: Tarek El Moussa Out With New Girlfriend, Exclusive Photos Taken

Flip or Flop star Tarek El Moussa was caught out with an alleged new girlfriend on Thursday night, and E! Online managed to snap some exclusive photos of the “mystery blonde.”

Tarek El Moussa only just officially filed divorce from Christina this past January, as previously reported by People, but both Flip or Flop stars have already seemingly moved on quite easily with new relationships.

IB Times reported just three days ago that Christina El Moussa was spotted out with her contractor boyfriend, “arm in arm,” amid her messy divorce from long-time husband and Flip or Flop co-star, Tarek El Moussa.

Tarek, 35, and Christina El Moussa, 33, were married in 2009 and have two young children together — daughter, Taylor Reese, and son, Brayden James — and shocked Flip or Flop fans last month with an official divorce announcement, only citing “challenges in their marriage” as the cause.

A photo of Christina El Moussa out with new boyfriend Gary Anderson made its way around the internet on January 26, after In Touch Weekly managed to snap an exclusive photo of the couple together near Gary’s home in the upscale neighborhood of Yorba Linda, California.

The article published with the exclusive photo says that Christina looks “relaxed and comfortable” with Anderson, adding that Anderson is “so much more mature than Tarek.”

New exclusive photos recently taken of Tarek El Moussa out with his alleged new girlfriend also show him looking “comfortable” with someone other than Christina. Four exclusive photos were snapped of Tarek and the “mystery blonde” as the couple dined Thursday night in Newport Beach, California.

Tarek El Moussa was allegedly at the gym just hours before arriving in his Lamborghini at the restaurant with the new unidentified woman, who’s assumed to be his new girlfriend, although, an insider allegedly said that Tarek is dating, but not exclusively.

For just under two hours, Tarek El Moussa and his new alleged girlfriend dined, and then left together around 9:15 p.m. to take a “little drive down the Pacific Coast Highway.”

Flip or Flop fans can only guess that the mystery woman is Tarek El Moussa’s new girlfriend, although, some fans are disappointed in both Tarek and Christina, saying that the “sordid reality” is so different from their on-screen Flip or Flop image.

Some fans add that they refuse to watch Flip or Flop ever again, and that the long-running HGTV reality series should be canceled. But Tarek and Christina El Moussa still run their real estate agency together in Orange County, California, called “The El Moussa Group,” and, according to Patch, HGTV has no plans to cancel Flip or Flop following the divorce of Tarek and Christina.

“The show is getting more attention than ever before. Flip or Flop will not be cancelled. We admire and appreciate Tarek and Christina’s great work on Flip or Flop.”

Supporters say why shouldn’t Tarek El Moussa have a new girlfriend, since Christina has obviously moved on with someone else, adding “good for him.” Others say that Tarek and Christina filed for divorce and dating is no big deal, although, some fans speculate that Gary Anderson and Tarek’s new mystery girlfriend are most likely “fly-by” dates and won’t last long.

In fact, rebound relationships proceed a long-term relationship and are typically short in duration, but, according to Psychology Today, “rebound relationships are surprisingly healthy” and help people get over their ex more quickly.

Tarek El Moussa’s new girlfriend would be his second rebound relationship, following his first short rebound relationship with nanny, Alyssa Logan, who’s more than 10 years younger than Tarek, according to TMZ.

The new exclusive photos also show Tarek dating what appears to be another much younger woman, while Christina moved on to what appears to be a much older man — a man who’s also thought to be the cause of the couple’s divorce.

Nicki Swift reports that Tarek El Moussa became suspicious of a possible relationship between Christina and Gary Anderson when they hired the contractor to renovate their pool in 2015. Tarek’s “hunch” — brought on by text messages between Christina and Anderson — ultimately led to an incident at the couple’s home in Orange County, California, in May 2016, when he threatened suicide. That same month, the Flip or Flop couple secretly split.

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