Melania Trump At Mar-A-Lago In Pink Dress

Melania Trump’s Pink Dior Mar-A-Lago Dress: Price Of 60th Gala Gown? [Photos]

President Donald Trump can be seen in the above photo speaking closely with First Lady Melania Trump. Mr. and Mrs. Trump had just arrived at the 60th annual Red Cross Gala in Palm Beach, Florida. Melania was photographed wearing a pink gown at Trump’s Mar-a-Lago resort on Saturday, February 4. As reported by the Inquisitr, Mrs. Trump had been spotted welcoming President Trump to Florida on Friday, February 3, wearing a bright red dress with cape sleeves and a hemline that fell to Melania’s mid-thigh level.

As seen in the above and below photos, Melania chose to wear a pink gown that was streamlined with a deep slit. Mrs. Trump’s pink dress was floor length, with the slit showing off the matching pink shoes that Melania donned that night.

Melania Trump photos
President Donald Trump and Mrs. Melania Trump hold hands [Image by Susan Walsh/AP Images]

President Trump held Melania’s hand, as seen in the above photo, as Mrs. Trump walked the red carpet in her high heels for the party at Mar-a-Lago on Saturday. The pink gown worn by Melania had a deep-V neckline. Mrs. Trump wore her hair down for the event.

Melania Trump photos
President Donald Trump and Mrs. Melania Trump in pink gown at Mar-a-Lago [Image by Susan Walsh/AP Images]

On social media, Melania is being praised for her styling choices, with folks publishing various views of Mrs. Trump’s pink gown and calling it classy and stylish. Since it had been nearly two weeks since the public had gotten a view of Melania in a public setting, the public seems to be soaking up all the new photos of Mrs. Trump — and making their comments about Melania’s dress choices.

With Melania being a former fashion model, a large amount of attention is being paid to Mrs. Trump’s dress selections, shoe choices and the manner in which Melania chooses to wear her hair and jewelry accouterments.

As reported by WWD, Melania chose to wear a Penser pink Dior gown with simple and clean lines to the dress. Mrs. Trump also wore emerald and diamond earrings and a ring. The publication reports that Melania’s choice of a simple pink Dior gown offered a chance for Mrs. Trump to display curvaceous lines in a clear manner that showed off Mrs. Trump’s penchant for European clothes.

The bright red outfit seen worn by Mrs. Trump on the tarmac, along with the pink dress worn for the gala at Mar-a-Lago represent a departure from the more subtle tones Melania has recently worn. Reactions from social media to Mrs. Trump’s pink dress can be read below, and more photos of Melania’s pink gown can be viewed on Heavy.

Pamela Rubino Fromer: “Hot Dress in Hot Pink. The First Lady looks good in everything!”

Joseph Chump: “People, mostly evangelicals, b***** about Michelle Obama wearing sleeveless dresses and shirts. Evangelicals must be proud of their so-called first lady.”

D’yan Marie Liz: “Why boycott Ralph Lauren for dressing Melania Trump? Like srsly at least she was dressed this time. Yup Melania Trump the first ever first lady to be spread eagled nude across the newspapers instead of just being spread out across them lol.”

Plenty of reactions online to Mrs. Trump’s hot pink gown were favorable, whereas some social media users noted a double-standard seemingly given to Melania about the furor that erupted when former First Lady Michelle Obama chose to bare her arms in one famous photo.

Despite all the controversy, a search for Melania’s pink gown on the Dior website — in both the haute couture section and ready-to-wear section — did not yet reveal the price of Mrs. Trump’s pink Dior dress. This publication has reached out to Dior and will update this article with new information about Melania’s pink dress as it is received.

More photos of Melania can be viewed in the below photo gallery.

[Featured Image by Susan Walsh/AP Images]