Donald Trump Tired? White House Lights On Much Earlier Than Before [Opinion]

The lights go on in the White House living quarters in the wee hours of the morning as Donald Trump is waking up for the day. His Twitter page often offers evidence that he is tweeting into the late night hours. So the question many are asking today — does the president ever get tired?

Fox and Friends Weekend talked about Trump’s long hours on their Sunday morning show. They report that he considers a good night of sleep about four or five hours worth of shut eye. They also wondered if he ever gets tired, along with the social media users who are starting to ask that question after a non-stop two weeks in office so far for Trump.

Donald Trump Looking Tired
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Trump is looking rather tired these days, which is mentioned on social media sites. A blurb from a Reddit user also asks about the president looking tired. They mentioned he looked rather tired in the pictures online with Melania meeting Trump at the airport in Florida when the couple finally had a night together Saturday in their Mar-a-Lago home. Of course, the evening was shared with a crowd as they hosted an event at their home. The President and First Lady are seen in that airport pictures in the two tweets below.

Trump’s ability to work up to par is questioned if he does become an overtired president. There was one incident recently in the headlines that had to do with world affairs and it is suggested Trump’s lack of sleep played into the incident, according to Mediaite News. They report, “It appears that one of the excuses being floated out for the president’s behavior with the Australian leader is that POTUS was tired and cranky.” Trump made five calls to world leaders that day with the Australian president being his last call. The call ended abruptly and it was much shorter than the allotted hour the men put aside to talk.

Donald Trump hit the ground running right after he was sworn into the highest office in the land. It wasn’t long after that when people started to comment that he was looking tired. Many did this out of concern for the president but still some critics used this for their own agenda.

Some experts believe that there are people who get very few hours of sleep a day and still function like most people who need, but seldom get, eight hours. An article from the Daily Beast last year would seem to suggest that Trump is in good company when it comes to getting very few hours of sleep each night. Other world leaders and people in high-powered jobs have also reported that they sleep only for a few hours daily. They include, “Napoleon, Margaret Thatcher, Yahoo CEO Marissa Mayer, and Bill Clinton.”

You have all heard the recommended amount of hours for sleep each night for an adult to remain healthy, which is seven hours, the American Academy of Sleep Medicine reports. The Daily Beast suggests that Donald Trump might be one of the 2 percent of the population who has the “efficient sleeper” mutation that allows people to get a full night’s worth of sleep in half the time as the rest of the population.

Donald Trump Looking Sleepy
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They describe these folks as “near-superhumans.” The two percent of people who have the gene of the “efficient sleeper” mutation require very little sleep in comparison to the rest of the population. They are people who have a “group of brains so advanced they’ve uprooting everything we know about sleep,” according to the website. Trump’s ability to go non-stop, as seen by the rapid pace he’s set for himself, does have some worried. Many want the president to be around for eight years, so burning himself out isn’t something his supporters want to happen.

Fox and Friends have noted previously on their show that the White House lights in the living quarters are on much earlier than they were for the previous administration. Donald Trump could very well be one of the lucky ones, but even those with a brilliant mind and who don’t need much sleep can do with a nap now and then.

Either way, it would be nice if just once a week someone on his staff would throw him a pillow and a blanket and make him take a nap on the couch in the Oval Office. Just leave him alone in the office and let him rest that fast-paced mind of his.

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