Chan Sung Jung of South Korea prepares to enter the octagon against Dennis Bermudez of their featherweight bout (Photo by Tim Warner/Getty Images)

Korean Zombie Chan Sung Jung Returns on MMA With Massive Win, What’s Next?

The Korean Zombie is back from the dead.

MMA fighter Chan Sung Jung has returned to the ring and declared that he is back in business after defeating Dennis “The Menace” Bermudez in a K.O. match.

The Korean Zombie has been out since August to serve in the mandatory Korean military service for two years. Apparently, his hiatus did not damage his fighting skills. Instead, it boosted his agility.

The fight started with doubts on his comeback. Though it was known that he came from a military training, many believe that MMA fighting is still a different arena. But, this was where Chan Sung Jung wanted to prove everybody wrong.

The Blue (Bermudez) and the Red (Chan Sung Jung) started the battle with Bermudez throwing in a couple of kicks. As the Korean Zombie tries to balance himself in the ring, the continually evades Bermudez’ attacks. Bermudez even tried to pin him by focusing on his head during the first 20 seconds but failed to push through.

Chan Sung Korean Zombie [Image by Tim Warner/Getty Images]
Chan Sung Korean Zombie [Image by Tim Warner/Getty Images]

After Bermudez’ set, the Korean Zombie started his momentum by throwing in a couple of punches, laying Bermudez stuck in the corner. Bermudez tried to move out to the center, but the Korean Zombie calmly follows him.

Bermudez tried to measure the distance between him and the Korean Zombie by throwing in a couple of jabs, but Chan Sung Jung was able to grab his body instantly as the fighter looks for an early take down.

This did not do well for Bermudez since he tried to fight back and successfully landed a punch. The two struggled with arm clenching as Bermudez tried to pin him at the corner and aggressively attack.

However, the Korean Zombie was able to get out of the corner by throwing by blank wide punch. The two comes at the center of the ring again with Bermudez trying to put Chan Sung Jung to the ground by holding onto his legs.

During the half part of the match, Bermudez has been landing more scores than the Korean Zombie. Though he misses a couple of punches here and there, he does not pause. He continues to strike back and keep the fight rolling. He wanted to end the match as soon as possible.

The Korean Zombie seemed to be at a different pace as he tried to monitor what Bermudez was doing. He kept his distance, but he managed to land a couple of attacks as well. Chan Sung Jung’s momentum seemed like a dance as well as he gracefully evades Dennis Bermudez’ kicks.

Chan Sung Comeback [Image by Tim Warner/Getty Images]
Chan Sung Comeback [Image by Tim Warner/Getty Images]

However, by the second minute of the match, Chan Sung Jung took his takedown defense as an opportunity to lure Bermudez into a brawl, throwing his arms open for his opponent. He was looking for a counter.

Bermudez continued to land a couple of punches until the Korean Zombie hits him straight to his right ear and “The Menace” landed to the ground.

The referee did not go for a countdown. It was an automatic K.O.

This was a tragic defeat for Bermudez. He even admitted it during an interview saying he made mistakes and “the Korean Zombie capitalized on it.”

As for the new champion, he said he was not expecting the event to happen. However, these kinds of wins do not happen by mistake. It took Chan Sung Jung years of sparring and practice to stabilize his tempo.

During the past years that he has been out of the MMA, he just wanted to get back. This just told the world that the Korean Zombie is certainly not leaving anytime soon.

“My goal always is to be the champion, and I think this fight has put me back in the game.”

[Featured Image by Tim Warner/Getty Images]