WWE News: Kurt Angle Names Who He Wants To Wrestle Before Retiring

WWE News: Kurt Angle Names Who He Wants To Wrestle Before Retiring

Kurt Angle is the headliner of the 2017 WWE Hall of Fame ceremony. There is a pretty good chance that he has wrestled his final match for the WWE and outside of indie appearances, his in-ring career might be over with. However, ProWrestlingStories.com reported this week that Kurt Angle has listed two names that he would like to wrestle before finally retiring.

The first name is someone Kurt Angle has wrestled before and that is AJ Styles. The second name is someone that is one of the most controversial wrestlers in the WWE, Roman Reigns. The reasons for wrestling each man is different.

When it comes to AJ Styles, Kurt Angle and AJ Styles wrestled many times in TNA Impact Wrestling. For most of the company’s existence, AJ Styles was the face of the promotion. For many years, Kurt Angle was also one of the best wrestlers to step into their ring.

WWE News: Kurt Angle Names Who He Wants To Wrestle Before Retiring
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AJ Styles was a five-time world champion in TNA Impact Wrestling and has already held the WWE world title once. After TNA left the NWA, Kurt Angle was the company’s first world champion. He held the title six times to go with his two world titles in the WWE.

Angle won his second TNA world title in a King of the Mountain match that included AJ Styles. He lost his fourth world title to AJ Styles in another multi-man match. The two men always put on amazing matches and Kurt Angle said he would love to revisit it in the WWE with an AJ Styles that is even better than he was before.

“He is the best in the business without a doubt right now. I just watched him and Dean Ambrose on Tuesday. Gosh, does that kid ever have less than a five-star match? He’s phenomenal. I completely understand why AJ is so much fun to work with – you don’t have to do anything! He does all of it for you.”

When it comes to Roman Reigns, Kurt Angle also seems impressed. Angle talked at length about why he thinks the fans don’t want to cheer for Roman Reigns. He said that the fans want wrestlers to earn their positions and he feels that the WWE handed Roman Reigns everything too soon without him earning the fan’s support.

WWE News: Kurt Angle Names Who He Wants To Wrestle Before Retiring
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However, Kurt Angle does not see Roman Reigns as a lost cause and feels there is hope.

“I think he’s going to win the fans over eventually. It’s only a matter of time. I think he was pushed fairly quickly and the fans like to see that process.”

Over his career, Kurt Angle has feuded with the best in the business. He has wrestled names like Undertaker, Brock Lesnar, The Rock, Stone Cold Steve Austin, Hulk Hogan, and more. He was the first person that John Cena fought when he came up to the main roster in the WWE.

While the induction to the WWE Hall of Fame is overdue, much of it was because Kurt Angle had his demons to battle. He has since cleaned up and has been clean since 2013 when he entered rehab for his fourth DUI. The WWE waited and Kurt Angle finally proved himself.


There is no telling if Kurt Angle will ever wrestle for the WWE again but the fans will at least get the WWE Hall of Fame induction. Other names rumored to join Kurt Angle into the WWE Hall of Fame this year include Ravishing Rick Rude, Diamond Dallas Page, and Beth Phoenix.

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