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Why Kim Kardashian Allegedly ‘Sabotaged’ Beyonce’s Pregnancy Announcement

Kim Kardashian is jealous over Beyonce’s recent pregnancy announcement, it has been alleged.

The 36-year-old was stunned to learn about the surprising news earlier this week, as Beyonce took to her official Instagram page, announcing that she is expecting twins with husband Jay Z.

The photo has since accumulated more than 9.5 million likes, making it the most popular image on the photo-sharing platform. From what sources have gathered, Kim Kardashian can’t stand the idea of the “Formation” singer stealing shine, especially now that she has returned to social media.

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According to Radar Online, Kardashian couldn’t believe how fast the pregnancy photo reached the milestone of being named the most liked picture on Instagram, insisting that if anybody was going to receive such a title, it would be her.

In an alleged effort to try and divert people’s attention from the 35-year-old’s pregnancy news, Kim Kardashian randomly started gushing about the new updates on her mobile gaming app, but her attempt in doing so completely failed, which only added to the annoyance Kim was already said to have felt, The Sun suggests.

“Kim was shocked at the Beyonce news and she was totally checking it out and seeing how many people liked the post,” an insider tells the outlet.

“Then when her friend Chrissy Teigen started tweeting that she was best friends with Beyonce, [Kim] was actually hurt and worried. That’s why [Kim] started tweeting. She thinks she’s a bigger star than Beyonce. She seems so jealous that Beyonce is more famous than she is. It doesn’t seem like Kim will ever, be okay with that.”

Kim Kardashian’s supposed jealousy over Beyonce’s pregnancy shine on social media wouldn’t come as a surprise to fans who have kept up with recent reports claiming that the duo doesn’t get along with one another, despite their husbands being best friends.

According to sources, the “Sorry” songstress has never been able to form a friendship with Kim Kardashian, allegedly stressing to friends and family that their personalities are completely different to one another — they have absolutely nothing in common.

And while Beyonce has been ever so gracious around Kim, despite the fact that she supposedly isn’t too fond of the reality star, Kardashian’s reported decision to try and overshadow the singer’s pregnancy announcement was very much uncalled for, the insider continues.

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It was just four weeks ago when Kanye West and Kim Kardashian headed over to Jay and Bey’s home in Holmby Hills, the couple’s first encounter since the “Stronger” rapper went on his bizarre rant at his concert in November, claiming that Beyonce bribes award shows to win certain categories she’s nominated for.

The soon-to-be-mother-of-three never responded to Kanye’s accusations, but seeing that she invited West and Kim Kardashian over to their home was said to have been the couple’s way of trying to end whatever feud that had built up between them after West made his outrageous claims against Bey.

Needless to say, if Radar Online‘s source is accurate, it doesn’t seem as if Beyonce will be wanting to spend time with Kim Kardashian ever again — especially now that she’s reportedly learned about the TV star’s rumored failed attempt in sabotaging her pregnancy announcement.

Kim Kardashian has not responded to claims that she intentionally tried to get her mobile app trending in the midst of learning about Bey’s bundle of joy, in an attempt to divert people’s attention and make the moment all about her instead.

What do you think? Was Kim Kardashian trying to be shady by heavily promoting her mobile app in the midst of social media reacting to Beyonce’s announcement that she’s expecting twins?

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