Terrell Owens ignored in 2017 NFL Hall of Fame inductions

Terrell Owens Left Out Of NFL Hall Of Fame Class — Again

Why is former All-Pro wide receiver Terrell Owens being snubbed by the NFL Hall of Fame? That is a legitimate question being asked these days because Owens was once again denied entrances, despite being a finalist for the second year in a row. T.O. tweeted this to his fans after finding out the news.

The statistics don’t lie and when it comes to the numbers, Terrell Owens produced over the course of his career. He is second all-time in receiving yards behind Jerry Rice and third all-time in touchdowns behind Rice and Randy Moss. He was a dominant, gifted receiver and one of the best to ever play the game. There is absolutely no reason to keep him out of the Hall of Fame unless you want to hold the fact that he is brash and outspoken against him. Based on sheer numbers alone, he deserves to be a first-ballot Hall of Famer.

Owens was a very controversial and most times misunderstood player as Yahoo! Sports reported. He played for five different teams in his career and is said to have clashed with a few of his quarterbacks, most notably Donovan McNabb when he played with the Philadelphia Eagles. Despite the rift between him and McNabb, the two clicked well on the field and helped that team reach the Super Bowl in 2005. Unfortunately, they lost to a Tom Brady-led New England Patriots, but Owens had a great game with nine catches for 122 yards.

Hall of Fame Finalist '17. Get your ???? ready. Thanks for all of the support! #hof #protoype81

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Those stats were even more amazing considering Owens had just returned early from a sprained ankle and fractured fibula. After that game, Owens was very critical of the media saying that if he were Brett Favre he would be praised for such bravery. In all honesty, T.O. was a tough, gritty player that really just wanted to win.

T.O. was also well known for his outrageous touchdown celebrations. Like while in San Francisco when he danced on the Dallas Cowboy star at midfield after scoring a touchdown. Or the time when he pulled out a sharpie hidden in his sock during a Monday Night Football game versus the Seattle Seahawks and signed the ball he caught for a touchdown. He then gave the ball to his financial advisor who also happened to be the advisor of Shawn Springs who was the player that was covering him during the touchdown. Then there was the time he scored a touchdown against the Green Bay Packers and then proceeded to celebrate with 49ers cheerleaders by borrowing some pom poms and doing a routine with them.

Someone really had the nerve to change the Hollywood Sign again ????

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When he scored his 100th touchdown in Philadelphia, he pulled a towel from his waist, folded it over his arm, and then placed the football in the palm of his hand, holding it over his shoulder and pretending to serve it up like a waiter. My personal favorite, however, is when he played for the Dallas Cowboys in 2006 and scored a touchdown versus the Washington Redskins. Owens pretended to take a nap in the end zone and used the football as a pillow. That was his response to media reports saying he fell asleep during team meetings.

You can say what you wish about Terrell Owens, but he was an amazing football player and was always entertaining to watch. He should be someone that is celebrated instead of hated on because his achievements as a wide receiver are second only to the great Jerry Rice. He has better numbers than receivers already enshrined in the NFL Hall of Fame, like former Minnesota Viking Chris Carter. It’s a travesty that T.O. has to play the waiting game because some voters are so old fashioned that they won’t let him in because of his braggadocios nature. Men lie, women lie, but numbers don’t. Maybe one day the voters will see that.

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