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NBA Rumors: Is Allen Crabbe Blocking Trades For Portland Trail Blazers?

NBA rumors have swirled around Portland Trail Blazers guard Allen Crabbe for much of the season, but is the shooting guard blocking his team from pursuing some of the team’s trade options for his services?

While no reports have emerged to suggest Allen Crabbe has blocked the Portland Trail Blazers to date, the possibility exists that the 6-foot-6 guard out of the University of California could prevent a trade from occurring this season. ESPN reported that due to NBA rules, Allen Crabbe must consent to any trade the team attempts this season for the guard’s services.

“League rules dictate that any player who signs an offer sheet with a new team in restricted free agency, only to see that offer sheet matched by the incumbent team, can’t be traded without his consent for one full year after the offer sheet was matched. Miami’s Tyler Johnson and Portland’s Allen Crabbe thus both possess the right to block any trade until July 10, 2017.”

NBA rumors have suggested that the Philadelphia 76ers have emerged as the most-likely trade partner for the Portland Trail Blazers before the league’s fast-approaching trade deadline. Multiple media outlets have pointed to the Philadelphia 76ers as a potential landing spot for Allen Crabbe should the Portland Trail Blazers decide to part ways with the shooting guard.

Basketball Insiders ranks Allen Crabbe as one of the six players to watch for potential movement before the NBA trade deadline. The media outlet suggests the Philadelphia 76ers would engage the Portland Trail Blazers for trade discussions if the Western Conference franchise had interest in moving him.

“Philadelphia and Brooklyn were both teams that showed interest in him this offseason, and could still have interest before the deadline. The valuation on him seems all over the board, especially with a salary that’s higher than most in the league. But his potential is still high because he’s only 24 years of age.”

Philadelphia 76ers’ fans also believe trading for Allen Crabbe could improve their team, according to Fansided. The web site reported the top five reasons for trying to engage the Portland Trail Blazers in a trade for Allen Crabbe, especially as Ben Simmons is reportedly nearing his NBA debut with the team.

Indeed, the salary Allen Crabbe commands could be another potential road block in the Portland Trail Blazers’ way should the NBA squad attempt to trade him. After the Brooklyn Nets tendered Allen Crabbe a four-year, $75 million contract offer this past offseason, the Portland Trail Blazers matched — creating the situation requiring the team to gain his consent before trading him until this summer.

Allen Crabbe is having his best season yet as a professional with the Portland Trail Blazers. The fourth-year player is averaging career-highs in minutes (28.6), points (10.7), and rebounds (2.9) his season.

ESPN reported that a total of 19 players have the right to refuse a trade for their services this season. Carmelo Anthony, Dirk Nowitzki, and LeBron James have no-trade clauses built into their contract while another 14 players — like Tyler Johnson and Allen Crabbe — have built-in protection thanks to league rules.

The Inquisitr reported on NBA rumors suggesting the Portland Trail Blazers would like to upgrade the center position, and DeMarcus Cousins — the team’s target earlier this season — appears unlikely to be leaving the Sacramento Kings anytime soon.

Do you think rumors suggesting the Portland Trail Blazers guard Allen Crabbe could be made available before the NBA trade deadline hold merit? Continue to follow the Inquisitr for more on this developing story.

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