The Walking Dead Episode 305 "Say the Word"

‘The Walking Dead’ Episode 305: ‘Say The Word’ Recap

Tonight’s episode of The Walking Dead, “Say the Word,” has our group coming to terms with the tragic events that took place in “The Killer Within.” Caution: Slight Spoilers Ahead.

Last week our group was dealt a crippling blow when we lost both T-Dog and Lori.

Lori was unable to successfully deliver her daughter, and Carl was tasked with the difficult job of ensuring she did not come back as a Walker. T-Dog heroically sacrificed himself to save Carol, who is missing and presumed dead by the group.

This week opened in Woodbury, where a block party is taking place. Michonne continues to be mistrustful of the Governor and for good reason. It looks like he is keeping more than just his collection of zombie heads a secret from the townspeople.

Back at the prison, Rick is still struggling to come to grips with the loss of his wife. Unable to function as a new father, the rest of our group bands together to make sure the baby will survive.

Daryl and Maggie decide to set out on a dangerous mission to find formula. Can they get back in time to save the baby and not get attacked in the process?

The Walking Dead Episode 305 "Say the Word"