Ice-T Tells Coco That He Could 'Re-fertilize Her Eggs' With His 'Superman Sperm'

Ice-T Tells Coco That He Could ‘Re-fertilize Her Eggs’ With His ‘Superman Sperm’

Ice-T and Coco are talking about having babies again in the third season of their E! reality series Ice Loves Coco. Coco discussed her desire to freeze her eggs because she has some concern about her ability to get pregnant. Nonetheless, Ice-T comforted her by telling her that he is up for the job and will get it done.

According to TODAY, the pair chatted with Kathie Lee Gifford and Hoda Kotb on Thursday morning about the upcoming episode. In a clip from Sunday’s show, Coco tells her Ice-T, “Some people have a hard time making babies. I don’t know if we’ll have a hard time …” This is when Ice-T replied by saying, “Not with me, baby, not with me.”

Coco, 33, says that she’s not worried about him; she’s worried about her personally. “You’ll be OK, you’re Fertile Myrtle,” Ice-T said to re-assure her.

Coco continued to tell Kathie Lee and Hoda that she has been pressured by family and friends to “have a little one.” She says having eggs “in the freezer” could be an option to consider in case they need them later down the road.

This is not the first step that Coco has taken in order to prepare for a future little one. Last season on Ice Loves Coco, Coco learned that she had severely high blood pressure and had to put having a baby on hold until she got her health under control.

Ice-T, 54, who already has two kids of his own, said that she is worrying about nothing. In order to reassure her, Ice-T said:

“I told her, ‘When you’re ready to have a baby, just tell me — POW!’ Ya know, I could make a baby through a brick wall. That’s not a problem.”

Kathie Lee is quick to remind Ice-T that even if he has “Superman sperm,” it may not matter if she has a problem with her eggs. Still, Ice-T continued to reassure her by saying, “My sperm can re-fertilize her eggs.”