Harry Styles is seen with a mystery woman at his birthday party and Kings of Leon.

Harry Styles’ Malibu Birthday Hug: Fans React To Brunette Mystery Woman

Harry Styles has been in Los Angeles over the first week of February, and took in a Kings of Leon concert, but at his birthday party at Cafe Habana in Malibu, an encounter with a female has fans wondering about another one of Harry Styles’ mystery women.

Lately, there have been a lot of mystery women associated with Harry Styles’ life, and this time it is not Dua Lipa, Kendall Jenner, Charlotte Dawes, Daniella Monet, Adele, or Cindy Crawford that are making Harry Styles’ fans curious on Twitter.

The woman in question is also not a “mystery blonde” that was seen at Harry Styles’ birthday at Cafe Habana, according to Unreality TV. There was also another “mystery brunette” at the Kings of Leon concert, as well as another blonde woman at the Harry Styles birthday party in Malibu.

However, there was also a brown-haired lady that was rather close to Harry Styles at his birthday party. Insiders at the event claimed that Harry Styles was hanging out with a small group of friends and doing karaoke all night.

Harry Styles seen twice with a mystery brunette during the week of his birthday.
Not only was Harry Styles scene add his birthday party with a mystery brunette but she was also at the Kings of Leon concert with him earlier in the week. [Image by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]

Regardless, Harry Styles seemed to be focused on a particular mystery woman and she may be the most mysterious of all.

That night at Harry Styles’ birthday party, the mystery brunette wore glasses and was wearing a rhinestone-studded black dress.

In addition to talking to Harry Styles, she was photographed giving him a big birthday hug. Metro also posted a picture with Harry Styles resting his hand on the top of her shoulder.

That bedazzled rhinestone lady definitely appears to be appreciated by Harry Styles, and she is certainly not a recognizable celebrity to most of his fans, and no one has posted her name on social media.

What One Direction fans did say about this woman that Harry Styles hugged on his birthday was “I wanna be this girl.” Another fan captioned the photo of the lucky mystery woman with “life goals.”

Interestingly, at least one Harry Styles’ fan has connected the rhinestone-studded mystery woman to another recent event — the Kings of Leon concert on January 28 in Los Angeles.

In a tweet, a Harry Styles fan put the picture of the rhinestone mystery woman in combination with a pic of Harry walking into the Kings of Leon concert alongside a woman in a yellow dress.

Although it is not clear if they are the same woman, there are a few shared physical characteristics between the woman at the birthday party and the woman attending the Kings of Leon concert with Harry Styles.

Harry Styles' mystery friend is still a mystery.
There are currently no clues about the mysterious woman’s identity that was seen with him at Kings of Leon as well as his 23rd birthday party. [Image by Gustavo Caballero/Getty Images]

Until Harry Styles, a fan, or the woman herself decides to reveal their identity, fans will have to wait and see if she is just a friend, a random fan, or associated with one of his upcoming projects that is still unannounced.

Of course, Harry Styles fans like a good rumor about his love life, and any time he is seen with a woman, fans like to speculate about her on social media.

Harry Styles is often seen in public going to events with other celebrities that happen to be female, but Harry is also known to get close to unknown civilians.

For example, Harry Styles had a mystery woman on his arm at the Grammy’s in February, 2016, according to a fan video, and she was also brunette.

In October, 2016, Daily Star posted pictures of Harry Styles with another mystery brunette as he was leaving a nightclub.

Perhaps the most disturbing mysterious moment with a woman in Harry Style’s life was not Kendall Jenner or Taylor Swift — but the woman that married his cardboard cutout.

According to The Chive, in November, 2014, a woman named Allie, who is obsessed with Harry Styles, put on a whole engagement and wedding for her fake marriage to the One Direction star.

Included in the highly-documented event are pictures of the bride in a wedding dress, her bridesmaids in real wedding apparel, and of course the cardboard cutout of Harry Styles wearing a loosely draped white tux shirt.

This bride did not want to leave out the rest of One Direction, and so she also posed in front of cardboard cutouts of Niall Horan, Liam Payne, Zayn Malik, and Louis Tomlinson. It is not clear if this bride held the fake wedding to Harry Styles as satire.

[Feature Image by Cameron Spencer/Getty Images]