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‘Alaskan Bush People’ Rumors: New Photos Confirm Noah Brown’s Secret Wedding?

With accusations of fakery and legal drama flying around, the last thing that the stars of Alaskan Bush People needed was more rumors about them. But that’s exactly what happened with this latest round of Alaskan Bush People rumors, which are now focusing on the marital status of one of the stars of the show. And it looks like recent pictures released by Noah Brown may confirm, once and for all, that he’s spoken for.

Radar Online was the first to report about the latest Alaskan Bush People rumors about Noah Brown’s supposed secret wedding. The outlet has obtained pictures of Noah’s girlfriend, Rhain Merrill, wearing a gold wedding band on the fourth finger of her left hand. This has left many people wondering if the two haven’t secretly run off and gotten married.

And while some eagle-eyed fans have pointed out that the gold band was on Rhain’s middle finger — not her ring finger — that hasn’t stopped the rumors about Noah’s supposed marriage from spreading.

As of this writing, neither Noah, nor Rhain have made an official statement about the status of their relationship, or if, indeed, they have tied the knot.

This is the second time that Alaskan Bush People rumors have circled around a cast member getting married. However, according to Mic, previous reports about Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown being married were a bit premature — he hadn’t gotten married. He did, however, leave the show, according to the same report.

“Wednesday’s episode revealed that Bam decided to leave his family before winter to do something for himself. He explained to the cameras that he’s been ‘lonely’ and ‘longing for something.’ Realizing that he had an ‘open void’ in his life, Bam broke the news to Billy and Ami that he was traveling to the lower 48. ‘I want kids of my own and my own family,’ Bam said. So, did Bam find love in the lower 48?”

Finally, the latest Alaskan Bush People rumors from People Magazine suggest that even though he hasn’t gotten married as of yet, Joshua “Bam Bam” Brown has, in fact, found someone to spend the rest of his life with.

Fans who recently spotted him in New York City questioned if it was a woman that made him leave Alaska and go into the so-called “lower 48,” and he confirmed to the outlet that it was, indeed, a woman who enticed him to leave.

“She’s stirred something inside me and made my soul wake up. I hope we can blend our lives together and I can take her back to Alaska.”

Though the identity of his special someone is being kept a secret for now, Joshua says that he’s loving his new, more famous life.

“Just trying to navigate walking down the sidewalk is an experience. But meeting fans has been really interesting. My favorite is when a little kid will run up to me and go, ‘You’re the guy off TV!’ I get such a kick out of it.”

And there’s more good news for the Brown family, too: Matt’s back on the show, after successfully completing a stint in rehab. There’s no word as to whether Joshua will make a surprise guest appearance on the show in the future.

What do you think of this latest round of Alaskan Bush People rumors? Do you think Noah ran off and got married?

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