Peta Murgatroyd admits she can't cook

Peta Murgatroyd Reveals The One Thing That Makes Her Feel Inadequate

Peta Murgatroyd is a superwoman, but the new mom and Dancing With the Stars pro dancer admits that she feels inadequate in one area. In a blog post on her new lifestyle site, All Things Fam & Glam, Peta revealed that she doesn’t know how to cook and that it has been a long-running joke for those who know her.

“It’s a running joke in my group of friends that I can’t cook,” Murgatroyd wrote.

“I can put together a super-glamorous table with a full spread of bought and reheated foods, but ask me to bake a casserole or pie and I’d be lost.”

Peta Murgatroyd went on to recount her first attempt at cooking for fiancé Maksim Chmerkovskiy five years ago. The result was an omelet that Maks told her was “watery.” Murgatroyd said she has boycotted cooking since that day because the incident was “traumatic for both parties involved.”

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Peta admits she used to help her mom in the kitchen when she was younger, but that has been basically “living out of a suitcase” since age 17 when she became a professional dancer, so she was often eating on the run.

“I never had the need, desire, or time to learn to cook for myself,” Murgatroyd wrote.

While she has pretty much existed on ready-made foods for the past 13 years, Peta said new motherhood made her rethink how she was handling meal times. Shortly before the birth of her first child, Shai Aleksandr, last month, Peta wrote:

“As the realities of motherhood approach, my lack of cooking ability started to make me feel incompetent—inadequate, even.”

Peta Murgatroyd posted two recipes for artichoke salad and creamy lemon chicken. Murgatroyd said she decided to try the recipes out after researching dishes for people at her “skill level.”

Fans of Peta Murgatroyd may have seen Maks Chmerkovskiy’s reaction to the dishes when he posted a series of videos of her kitchen capers to his Instagram page. At the time, Maks told his followers that they were witnessing Peta “cooking for the first time” ever.

“This is a very rare occurrence and you have to see it,” he joked.

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Maks later posted a video of himself trying out Peta’s dinner.

“This is amazing,” he shared on Instagram.”The chicken was amazing. Babe did a great job. Thank you, baby.”

He also joked that while it all tasted very good, he needed to give its some time to “see if he’s fine.”

While the meal turned out, Maks did point out that Peta left the kitchen a mess.

“This is like a war zone,” he said. “Things have happened here that I don’t even want to talk about.”

Peta Murgatroyd recently announced the launch of her All Things Fam & Glam website, telling fans the site will be a one-stop place to find parenting and lifestyle tips as well as information on some of her favorite products.

I am so excited to share my new website with you:! ???????? I created the site as a place to candidly share my experiences as a new mum, soon-to-be wife, and working woman trying to keep it all together with a touch of glamour! ????????❤️ I'll be posting about everything from parenting lessons, to fitness tips, to products I love, and I cannot wait to share even more meaningful conversations with all of you. Check out the site (link in my bio) and let me know what you think! I'll go live here on IG at 2:30 PM EST to walk you guys through the site and what to expect. Thank you for your support on this new adventure! xxoo #FamAndGlam

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Peta Murgatroyd also told People magazine why the new project means so much to her, saying she wants to inspire other women to live a balanced life.

“I want to inspire and engage women to help them find ways to keep their glam while they take care of their family,” the two-time Dancing With the Stars mirrorball champ said.

“I want to provide my fans and women around the world with a resource for information on how to find the right balance between taking care of oneself and taking care of a new family, as well as take part in conversations where they can share their own ideas and experiences.”

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