wwe news hardy boyz drew galloway mcintyre return tna contract

WWE News: Hardy Boyz And Drew Galloway Can Still Return To WWE — Here’s Why

As the entire wrestling world prepares for WrestleMania 33 and all that comes before it, there are some backstage happenings that are quite intriguing. More importantly, there are backstage happenings in TNA Impact Wrestling that are very interesting and they have to do with some of the top stars in the company. The Hardy Boyz and Drew Galloway are about to be free agents and that would leave the door wide open for a WWE return.

There has been talk for months about the Hardy Boyz possibly heading back to WWE after their TNA contracts expire in February. While the exact date of their expiration is not known, it is sometime this month and Wrestling World News is reporting that they have not yet signed new deals with TNA.

The exact same can be said for Drew Galloway who will also have his contract expire this month. While all three are expected to re-sign with TNA, it is incredibly interesting that they have not yet completed the process and the deals.

wwe news hardy boyz drew galloway mcintyre return tna contract
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There are a lot of things contributing to this situation right now, and all of it could result in TNA losing three of their top stars.

Near the end of 2016, Dixie Carter was no longer in the offices for the company and she was taken out of the decision-making process for TNA. Serge Salinas, Carter’s husband, is also out of the TNA offices and back in charge of the couple’s music business in Nashville.

Jeff Jarrett is associated with TNA gain as an executive producer and Dutch Mantell is on the creative team which has other members such as Madison Rayne, Matt Conway, and John Gaburick. Still, all of those big names have yet to secure three top stars.

Sports Keeda is still saying that WWE is interested in bringing back the Hardy Boyz for a return, and it seems they also have an interest in Drew Galloway as former TNA World Champion. Known as “Drew McIntyre” during his run in WWE, he was once seen as the “Chosen One” and one of the pet projects of Vince McMahon, but that quickly died out.

In the summer of 2014, McIntyre was released by WWE and reverted back to using the name of Drew Galloway. He spent some time in ICW and EVOLVE before heading to TNA and rising to the top in almost no time at all, but now, he’s about to be a free agent.

wwe news hardy boyz drew galloway mcintyre return tna contract
[Image by TNA]

With a lot of improvement in the ring and rising in popularity, WWE may be taking much longer looks at Galloway along with the Hardy Boyz. Speaking of the Hardys, it is seeming more and more as if Broken Matt Hardy may be more inclined to stay with TNA while Jeff Hardy’s status isn’t entirely known.

If they do choose to stay with TNA, there are a couple of possible contracts laid out for them, and that could be what is holding them back from signing. Both deals’ offer are guaranteed contracts but one would have the option of them overseeing their own outside bookings and the other having TNA take charge of them.

Now, if the Hardy Boyz were to return to WWE, there would be little to no chance that they would have any outside bookings at all. The only thing is that they wouldn’t have to worry about that because the guaranteed money would be so much more.

It has been quite some time since the Hardy Boyz or Drew Galloway have been in WWE, but there is always the chance they could return. Right now, all three superstars are about to have their contracts expire and they will officially be free agents with the ability to go anywhere. If TNA Impact Wrestling can’t lock them in and have them signed to new deals soon, it would not be surprising if they all ended up with a spot at WrestleMania 33.

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