Dutchess from Black Ink Crew moved on from Ceaser Emanuel and is dating Carolina Panthers cornerback Zack Sanchez

Dutchess From ‘Black Ink Crew’ Moves On With Panthers Cornerback Zack Sanchez

Black Ink Crew star Dutchess Lattimore has a new man. The Pretty In Ink Owner reportedly moved on from her relationship with Ceaser Emanuel last fall after another alleged cheating incident. Now, Dutchess has been seen hanging around with Carolina Panthers cornerback Zack Sanchez.

It was reported that Dutchess and Zack have been spending a lot of time together and even ended up on a video posted by Fameolous. Zack is a young one at only 21-years old, but that doesn’t seem to bother Dutchess, who is 11 years his senior.

It hasn’t played out yet on Black Ink Crew Season 5 but Ceaser and Dutchess have been over for a couple of months. There were even rumors that they never were a real couple and only came together when the VH1 cameras were rolling but that is a whole different story for a different time.

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Things got really messy back in November after it came out that Ceaser and Dutchess broke up. All About The Tea reported that Ceaser was accused of getting a side chick pregnant while Dutchess was busy becoming a tattoo mogul in North Carolina. According to the report, Ceaser had another woman in Philadelphia and when he would drive down to see Dutchess, he was making pit stops in Philly with the other woman.

Ceaser Emanuel denies the reports that he cheated on Dutchess and got the other girl pregnant. BET goes on to say that the other woman allegedly had an abortion so there isn’t another little Ceaser running around but that Dutchess confirmed all the receipts and that was the big ugly reason that she dumped him.

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Ceaser claims that Dutchess really just wanted to break up and do her own thing. That’s why he says that his Black Ink Crew co-star and former girlfriend decided to believe the cheating rumors and dump him. That sort of makes sense and would answer the question about why Dutchess would want to open up her own tattoo studio several states away from Black Ink and Ceaser Emanuel. Maybe the Pretty In Ink owner has been planning to ditch Ceaser for a while now and yet another cheating rumor was all she needed to make a clean break and move on.

There’s no shortage of drama with Dutchess romantically linked to Panthers cornerback Zack Sanchez. The Fameolous report also contained messages from another woman who was dealing with Zack when Dutchess came along. She claimed to be a dancer who has been fooling around with Zack since August. She also said other girls who work with her are also sleeping with him and that he hasn’t stopped fooling around since he started messing with the Black Ink Crew star.

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Dutchess did respond to the report about Zack and the dancers who accuse him of messing around on her. According to the Black Ink Crew star, she just wants to be at peace, She doesn’t seem to care much about reports that Zack Sanchez is still screwing around with other women. Dutchess said that she and Zack “are good.” Maybe they really aren’t that serious after all,

In any case, Dutchess of Black Ink Crew seems to be completely done with Ceaser Emanuel even though their split hasn’t aired yet on the VH1 reality show. She is linked to the much-younger Panthers player Zack Sanchez, who has a reputation for hooking up with the local dancers, or at least that’s what one of them would like everyone to think. It doesn’t sound like she’s found a peaceful relationship yet, but after years of dealing with Ceaser, a young boy toy NFL player might be exactly what Dutchess needs right now.

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