A new Donald Trump executive order generator lets you make America funny again.

Donald Trump Executive Order Generator Brings A Whole New Level To Memes

Donald Trump’s executive orders have generated more than just a growing level of dislike among liberals. They have spawned likely millions of memes, slamming his policies and often painting him as Adolf Hitler’s equal.

As for the latter, Trump has yet to assign concentration camps or experiment on people of certain ethnic backgrounds. His actions so far have been viewed as extreme, but they could simply be a means to a better end. It’s too early to know.

One of these orders was meant to force Wall Street to remove certain policies Barack Obama set in motion in his initial years in office. The goal is to help United States businesses thrive, no matter how small, and make their own decisions. The notion by the Obama Administration had been intended to help the nation through a financial crisis.

A more friendly order was making February American Heart Month, which urged U.S. citizens to wear red in memory of those who have died or been affected by heart diseases such as strokes and heart attacks. It was originally created in 1963, and Trump seems to be wanting to make it an official month of remembrance.

One example of a custom executive order makes cat pictures mandatory.
One example of a custom executive order makes cat pictures mandatory. [Image by GitHub]

A more controversial executive order states that for every regulation put in action by the executive branch, two more must be repealed. Business Insider said experts worry that the repealed regulations could affect protections put in place to preserve the environment, such as water or plastic restrictions in California.

Of course, some of Trump’s most polarizing orders centered on national security and the war on ISIS. He ordered military action to eliminate Islamic extremists, extreme vetting on travel from high-risk nations Barack Obama had observed during his Presidency and made chief strategist Steve Bannon a regular attendee for the National Security Council’s Principals Committee. This gave the Director of National Intelligence and Joint Chiefs of Staff the freedom to not attend if the need arises.

Directly relating to Trump’s plan to severely limit Syrian refugees entering the United States, he also signed an order cutting funding to sanctuary cities.

Another possible positive among his slew of executive orders is the ability to make the U.S. infrastructure a top priority, including ensuring that oil pipelines be maintained to avoid further gas shortage disasters.

The plans for a wall between the United States and Mexico were also put in motion, ignoring protests from earlier in his campaign which criticized the plan for being racist and too costly. Some have also speculated that the wall still doesn’t prevent crossing the Gulf of Mexico or air travel.

Liberals and conservatives alike have taken to meme generator sites to express their opinions, insult the opposition, and generally enjoy the United States’ right to freedom of speech in the wake of Donald Trump’s actions.

Many have used similar sites with much more specified intentions, like fake screen shots of customized Star Wars subtitles, versions of their names meant to poke fun at John Travolta’s pronunciation of “Adele Dazeem,” and others.

Another example makes 'Die Hard' an official Holiday movie.
Another example makes ‘Die Hard’ an official Holiday movie. [Image by GitHub]

Now GitHub is hosting an executive order generator, allowing visitors to edit the text in a picture of Donald Trump holding a signed document up for the camera. You can be as silly or as villainous as you want him to sound, and make your friends laugh or spark a furious argument with social justice warriors. This is basically a new level of memes, taking advantage of Trump’s latest trend of signing said documents multiple times a day, says CNet.

A few examples are above, but you can be as creatively sinister or vulgar as you would like.

If you’re ready to make America funny again or just blow off some proverbial steam, click here and create your own Donald Trump executive order.

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