Gifty Sex Tape: Boyfriend Of 'Big Brother Naija' Star Threatens To Release Video

Gifty Sex Tape: Boyfriend Of ‘Big Brother Naija’ Star Threatens To Release Video

Gifty could soon be going from Big Brother fame to sex tape infamy, with the boyfriend of the popular reality star threatening online to release a racy video of the pair.

Ekwelike Stanley, reportedly the boyfriend of the flirty reality show contestant, has been very talkative online about his relationship with Gifty. After watching her behavior on the show, Stanley wrote on Twitter that he may get back at Gifty by releasing a sex tape of the couple.

“She can’t hurt me like that and go with the money,” he wrote (via Bella Naija). When another Twitter user suggeste that he move on, Stanley responded, “She can’t. I have a sex tape.”

Stanley expressed anger both at Gifty for her behavior on the show and to Big Brother Naija for profiting off of it.

“Well big brother is almost a sex tape, so what’s the big deal about we having a sex tape,” he wrote in justifying the release of Gifty’s sex tape.

“I want the world to know that someone somewhere is getting hurt and big brother is making money off the pain,” he added.

It’s not clear if Ekwelike Stanley has actually released the Gifty sex tape, or if it even exists. Some commenters suggested that he may have been letting off steam after being embarrassed at his girlfriend’s on-screen behavior.

On Big Brother Naija, Gifty is known as one of the most flirtatious contestants and was even seen kissing Soma, who himself is getting around.

“Things are getting hotter in the house. Just few hours after Soma kissed Marvis on the on going Big Brother Naija, he has moved on to Gifty as he has kissed her twice already,” noted blogger Linda Ikeji.

“They were videoed sharing a kissing yesterday afternoon and later at night.”

It’s also not clear if Gifty has genuine feelings for any of her Big Brother housemates or is just using a strategy to avoid eviction. In other versions of Big Brother — from the United States to the U.K. and Australia — contestants have strategically used relationships in order to get ahead. The American version of the show even coined a name for these fake relationships — “show”mances.

This is also not the first time that a star of the Big Brother franchise has been embroiled in a sex tape scandal while still inside the house. Just a few weeks ago, Celebrity Big Brother U.K. contestant Jasmine Waltz was inside the house when an explicit video leaked to the internet.

The Daily Star published details of the video, which reportedly showed the American model and actress inside her home.

“Showing off her toned bod, the brunette bombshell can be seen in fishnet stockings, suspender belt, and basque. She engages in a string of suggestive poses that will definitely raise some blushes.”

Jasmine Waltz actually has a lot in common with Gifty. On her previous run on the show, Waltz was known for her wild antics and racy clothing. In her first season Celebrity Big Brother house in 2014, Waltz got drunk on the very first day and ended up flashing the cameras. A couple of days later, she got “frisky” with rapper Dappy, the Daily Star noted.

For all the attention that Ekwelike Stanley found for his allegations this week, it’s not clear if there is actually a sex tape of Gifty from Big Brother Naija, and whether it’s been released yet.

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