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‘House Of Cards’ Season 5 Spoilers, Update: Will Frank Die This Season?

House of Cards Season 5 release date was cleverly announced by Netflix with a trailer on President Donald Trump’s inauguration day. The show is set to return on Tuesday, May 30.

The announcement by Netflix was a much-needed relief for the fans as several rumors earlier suggested that House of Cards Season 5 was canceled. Thankfully, those rumors turned out to be false.

The trailer features an upside down flag indicating that the upcoming season could have a dark theme. The trailer drops a chilling message as Frank says, “We make the terror.”

House of Cards‘ Season 5 Spoilers

The upcoming season will be without the show’s creator Beau Willimon. The original creator stepped down to pursue real life politics and has founded an anti-Trump organization called “Action Group Network.”

House of Cards Season 5 will now return with Frank Pugliese and Melissa James Gibson as show runners. Both have been with the show since 2014 working as writers.

Season 4 ended with Frank’s life hanging in the balance after being shot by journalist Lucas Goodwin. As it is evident from the trailer, Frank may have survived. But the question remains, for how long?

Spoilers suggest that Frank might die in the upcoming Season 5. He would either succumb to complications from his wounds or will be killed by someone close to him.

House of Cards Season 5 Spoilers Frank
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It is speculated that Claire will kill her husband. In the original series aired by BBC in the 1990s, Frank was killed by a sniper hired by his wife.

House of Cards Season 5 spoilers suggest that Netflix will choose a more brutal way to kill Frank. Considering the fact that Claire has become as ruthless as Frank, there is a possibility she could kill Frank with her bare hands.

It makes sense as Claire was nominated as Vice Presidential candidate in Season 4. She could be aspiring for a larger role and may end up killing Frank to fulfill her ambitions.

Behind the scenes too, Claire (Robin Wright) has brokered a deal receiving equal pay as Kevin’s and she even directed four episodes of House of Cards Season 4.

Mahershala Ali, who played Remy Danton, predicted that Frank will be killed by someone close to him. He thinks that it could be someone other than Claire. He further added the following.

“Maybe at some point because he’s the one closest to him, my guess would be [Doug] Stamper.”

It would be interesting to see if that were to happen as both Frank and Doug completely trust each other. Michael Kelly, who plays Doug said this.

“They’re the only two people that each of them could count on. You’ve never seen Doug turn on Frank. We’ve never seen Frank turn on Doug. “

Some other House of Cards Season 5 spoilers suggest that actor Kevin Spacey may walk out of the show following the exit of show’s original creator Beau Willimon. No confirmation of this news was available, so fans are advised to take the information with a grain of salt.

House of Cards‘ Season 5 Update

The Amazing Spiderman‘s Campbell Scott and actress Patricia Clarkson will join the cast of House of Cards for the new season. Their roles in the show are being kept under wraps.

Netflix had not announced the official synopsis and the cast for Season 5. The entire original cast including Doug Stamper, Catherine Durant, and Heather Dunbar will return except Remy Danton.

House of Cards Season 5 Cast
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Mahershala Ali, who played Danton, has reportedly bowed out of the upcoming Season 5. In an interview with Deadline, he said that “the character had run his course,” and it was better to walk out when the character meant something to the audiences.

With the trailer being released on the inauguration day, there are some speculations that House of Cards Season 5 will also incorporate some real life political events including but not limited to alleged Russian interference in the U.S. elections.

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