Powerball Jackpot

Powerball Jackpot At $185 Million

NO one matched the six numbers Saturday night to claim the Powerball Jackpot. This means that Wednesday’s drawing is now going to be for an estimated $185 million dollars. This sum will be available to a single winner who picks the five winning numbers and the Powerball number and is paid out in yearly installments over 29 years.

The winning numbers for Saturday’s $168 million dollar jackpot were: 32-42-50-54-55 and the Powerball was 32.

Some tickets matched five numbers but missed the Powerball number. Those that did had tickets that were sold in New Jersey, New York and Tennessee. Matching five number without the Powerball number will win you $1 million dollars.

The Powerball Jackpot has rolled over 10 times since it reset itself on October 6th. The October 3rd drawing won a Delaware player $50 million dollars. The largest payout ever was made to a Nebraska player who won a jackpot of $365 million in 2006.

The jackpot has rolled over 10 times since Oct. 6. A player in Delaware won the last big jackpot – $50 million on Oct. 3 A Nebraska player won the biggest Powerball jackpot ever, $365 million on Feb. 18, 2006.

In addition to the installment options, a player has the option of selecting “cash option” which pays out about two thirds of the money in one lump sum payment.

Recently the Powerball Jackpot has been the subject of some controversy with office pools collecting the money to buy multiple tickets and then the leaders of those pools winning and claiming the tickets that won were not part of the pool.

What would you do with $185 million dollars?