Selena Gomez, The Weeknd Wedding: Couple Engagement Plans Happening Soon?

Selena Gomez is already considering marrying The Weeknd, having only dated the R&B singer for two months.

The couple, who reportedly started seeing one another in November, have fallen so hard for one another that even they can’t believe that marriage is something crossing their mind so early on since kicking off their relationship.

According to Life & Style, as cited by Hollywood Life, the more time that Selena spends with The Weeknd, the more it reassures her why he’s the best man she’s ever dated, having labeled the 26-year-old as genuine, caring, and incredibly sweet.

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Sources for the news outlet stress that Selena has never behaved this way around another man before. She feels so secure and confident about herself when she’s with the “Starboy” hitmaker, who has ultimately brought out the best in her.

Spending time away from The Weeknd is almost impossible for Selena Gomez. The twosome has become inseparable since early January, E! Online shares, having traveled to Italy together last week, and are now actively making plans to have Gomez accompany her boyfriend on his forthcoming world tour next month.

As the days go by, Selena Gomez sees more reasons as to why marrying The Weeknd will evidently be the best decision she’s ever made, insiders reveal.

“Selena is head over heels for The Weeknd,” a source tells the mag. “We’ve never seen her like this before,” the insider said, “it is nice to see her so happy.”

“Abel has all the personality traits Selena goes for in a man: a successful music career, good looks, and a lot of confidence. She’s told friends he calls her Selenita and she calls him mi corazón because she said he has taken her heart.”

Gomez and her beau have bonded over so many things including their favorite meals, television shows, and places to visit around the world.

And that’s not all. Life & Style continues by making it known just how thoughtful The Weeknd is when it comes to making Selena Gomez smile, often presenting her with hilarious gifts that the 24-year-old would have never expected to receive.

“Selena says The Weeknd is cheesy in the best way possible,” the source continued. “He sends her huge boxes of her favorite Ghirardelli chocolates and once bough her 20 bags of her favorite Hot Cheetos.”

The most concerning part about what the report claimed, however, is that Selena sees a lot of Justin Bieber in The Weeknd, but fortunately for her, the 26-year-old only possesses the positive things.

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The “Can’t Feel My Face” is similar to Justin in the sense that his gifts are always very thoughtful and his personality is through the roof, but what seems to make the two so different is their affection to the person they are dating.

The insider explained that Bieber reportedly had a way of making Selena Gomez feel minuscule whenever he was spending time with other women at questionable places such as hotel rooms.

The Weeknd, on the other hand, has made it clear that he only has eyes for Selena and no one else.

“He’s really helped Selena regain confidence in herself,” the source concluded.

Selena Gomez has yet to comment on reports claiming that she’s thinking about marrying her boyfriend of two months, but even if that was to be the case, a wedding wouldn’t be happening until after The Weeknd has wrapped his forthcoming world tour.

Unless, of course, Selena Gomez decided to marry her beau without a ceremony filled with friends and family.

What do you think? Is Selena moving too fast in her new relationship?

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