The vignette airing Emmalina's return

WWE: No Plans For Emmalina?

In a tweet by wrestling journalist Dave Meltzer, he states that WWE has no plans for the superstar. When asked by a fan what was going on with Emmalina, he had this to say.

Emmalina (real name Tenille Dashwood) was injured at a live event in May 16 of last year. WWE began airing vignettes showing a glamorous, almost supermodel-like gimmick for Emma, and she was renamed Emmalina. The vignettes would read “The Makeover of Emmalina” and “Premiering Soon.” These vignettes have been airing for quite a while, though. As one Reddit user has pointed out, if Emmalina does not make her debut soon, her vignettes will have been airing longer than she has been injured for.

“According to Emma’s wiki page, she was injured on May 16, 2016, and the Emmalina promos began on October 3, or 140 days after (Pretending that she was cleared the day the promos started, although there were rumors she was ready beforehand). It has been 113 123 days since the Emmalina promos began.

If Emma doesn’t debut within the next 3 episodes of Raw, her hype promos will be taking longer than she was off the shelf for.

It is currently unclear what the delay is when it comes to Emmalina making her debut, especially in a division that is in need of new faces. Out of the 10 women wrestlers on the roster, four are either injured or inactive (Paige, Summer Rae, Tamina, and Emmalina), one is a valet (Alicia Fox), and one has not appeared recently (Dana Brooke), meaning only four wrestlers have been consistently receiving air time and constantly fighting each other. If Emmalina is to indeed return soon, she would be a breath of fresh air in the division. She could easily be put into title contention if WWE wished to do so. Strangely though, they are still holding back.

Emma vs Becky Lynch
Emma prepares for a match on ‘Monday Night Raw.’ [Image by WWE]

Some speculate that WWE is still delaying because Emmalina’s initial back injury turned out to be a more severe neck injury, hence the hesitance to put her back in the ring. This, however, can be debunked as many claim the Australian has been wrestling at live events. In fact, Emmalina appears at house shows, often as a special guest referee. Emmalina has had quite a good run with the company, so not redebuting her is seemingly a waste.

Emmalina (while still as Emma) debuted in WWE’s developmental territory NXT in 2014, and made it to the finals of a tournament to crown the inaugural NXT women’s champion, but lost to Paige. She would feud with the likes of Summer Rae and Sasha Banks before being called up to the main roster.

She would return to NXT just a year later and teamed up with fellow NXT Superstar Dana Brooke. The duo would then feud with Asuka.

She would return to the main roster in March 2016. She aligned herself with Naomi, Tamina, Lana, and Summer Rae to form Team B.A.D. and Blonde. They feuded with Team Total Divas (Brie Bella, Paige, Natalya, Alicia Fox, and Eva Marie) and faced them at the Wrestlemania 32 pre-show, which Team B.A.D. and Blonde lost. The match was Brie Bella’s last match before her in-ring retirement.

Emma grabs Paige
Emma (right) takes on Paige at ‘Wrestlemania 32.’ [Image by WWE]

After Wrestlemania 32, Emma was teaming up with Women’s Champion Charlotte in a feud with Becky Lynch and Natalya before she suffered her injury. Afterwards she would be replaced by Dana Brooke.

Hopefully, the Australian is set to debut soon, and WWE does have plans for her. Of course, everything is subject to change, so it’s entirely possible that WWE will come up with a plan for the talented superstar, who is too good to waste on a running joke that many have gotten tired of.

[Featured Image by WWE]