G-Dragon and Hara

G-Dragon Of BIGBANG And Hara In Relationship? Rumors Form After Lotte Hangout

When it comes to relationships, Hallyu fans can often ironically depend on the immaturity of certain K-netizens to come up with the latest rumors and for gossip rags to push them as a real relationship. This year, so far, there has already been one relationship rumor involving Joy of Red Velvet and V of BTS. Apparently, K-netizens believed there was “something between the two K-pop idols” when videos and images of V “starring intensely” at Joy made their rounds on the internet, especially on social media. These rumors were baseless and were soon debunked.

Unfortunately, there are some Hallyu stars who can’t seem to escape the leering eyes of K-netizens when it comes to their personal love life. Case and point: G-Dragon. The K-pop idol and leader of Big Bang has been romantically linked to numerous Japanese models, label mates CL and Dara, and other celebrities, Korean or not, for no apparent reason. Now G-Dragon is once again being thrust into another relationship rumor, this time with Hara. They began after it was revealed that the two were seen together at Lotte World Amusement Park. The question is if they are really together, or just another fabrication made by K-netizens.

The rumors surfaced after images of Kwon Ji Young and Goo Hara, better known by their K-pop idol stage names G-Dragon and Hara respectively, were pictured at the Lotte World Amusement Park, as reported by numerous Korean news outlets like Star and Naver. According to their collective reports, the two K-pop idols, along with Korean actress and former f(x) member Sulli, and Gain, of Brown Eyed Girls, spent the day hanging out.

Of course those around the four Hallyu stars took notice and snapped numerous pictures with them. Three images were uploaded collectively, with G-Dragon wearing a black hat, black mask, and jeans, as reported by Soompi.

G-Dragon and Hara at Lotte World Amusement Park
G-Dragon of Big Bang and Hara formerly of Kara, along with Sulli formerly of f(x) and Gain of Brown Eyed Girls, were pictured together at the Lotte World Amusement Park. [Images by Naver]

The reason why G-Dragon wasn’t paired with Sulli and Gain is because they are in confirmed relationships. Sulli is currently dating Choiza, and Gain is currently dating Korean actor Joo Ji Hoon. Hara is currently known to be single, and G-Dragon’s relationship status is always a big unknown.

The rumors spurned from the big hangout at Lotte World Amusement Park were eventually debunked by KeyEast, as reported by AllKpop, The entertainment agency, and label Hara is currently signed to, made a statement denying a relationship.

“The dating rumors going around on fan pages are ridiculous. G-Dragon and Hara are friends. There were other people there too. They don’t have a special relationship.”

BIGBANG Promotion for MADE: The Full Album
G-Dragon recently concluded post-release promotions for ‘MADE: The Full Album.’ He is currently working on his next solo comeback for this year. [Image by YG Entertainment]

Both G-Dragon and Hara being in a relationship right now would most likely not be good, given the direction of their respective careers. G-Dragon is currently working on his upcoming solo comeback for 2017. Afterwards, he will be joining fellow Big Bang member T.O.P. in fulfilling his conscription duties in mandatory military service for two years.

Hara, on the other hand, still needs to establish her footing as a soloist. Since she left Kara and DSP Media in early 2016, very little has been seen or heard of her. Most of the news regarding Hara these days seems to be controversial, as she is best friends with Sulli, who is very controversial to many people herself.

[Featured Images by DSP Media and YG Entertainment]