LHHNY Peter Gunz asks Amina Buddafly for divorce wants Tara Wallace back

‘LHHNY’: Peter Gunz Asks Amina Buddafly For Divorce, Wants Tara Wallace Back

Peter Gunz is proving that he meant what he said at Tara Wallace’s 40th birthday party, and he is making moves to prove it. The Love and Hip Hop New York star has been stuck in a love triangle with his wife, Amina Buddafly, and Tara Wallace. With Amina living in Los Angeles, Peter has decided that he wants to get back together with Tara and to prove it, he has asked Amina for a divorce.

In a new sneak peek for the upcoming LHHNY Season 7 episode, Amina Buddafly admits to Peter that she may have lied about being over him. It turns out that she’s not, or maybe she is and she just doesn’t want him running back to Tara Wallace. Either way, Amina isn’t going to make a Peter and Tara reunion easy.

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“I’m strong enough to know that what my heart wants might not be what’s best for me and my daughters,” Amina tells Peter in a VH1 sneak peek. “I will accept it, and I will be okay.”

While Amina claims that she will sign off on a divorce if Peter Gunz files the paperwork, she is not actually seen in the footage while signing papers. Not to mention that she’s been throwing out hints on Instagram that she isn’t giving up yet with this meme, posted earlier today.

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As the Inquisitr reported earlier in the week, Amina recently interviewed on the Domenick Nati Show and admitted that she isn’t ready to divorce Peter Gunz. Amina admitted to making that confession at the Love and Hip Hop New York Season 7 reunion show taping. Now it looks like she’ll be telling him something similar on an upcoming episode, when Amina comes face to face with both Peter and Tara.

While Amina is in New York City so that her daughters, Cori and Bronx, can meet the rest of their family, Peter asks her for a divorce, according to VH1. Amina Buddafly agrees to give Peter what he wants and sign the divorce papers, but says that she doesn’t think that the two of them are done yet.

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Meanwhile, Tara Wallace is loving Peter Gunz’ apology tour, even if she’s resisting him at the moment. There have been rumors saying that Tara ends up taking Peter back. There are also rumors that she was sending a message to Peter when LHHNY aired her birthday party and she posted a meme on Instagram about “toxic people” and “haters. ”

Now that Amina Buddafly has shown renewed interest in her marriage to Peter, it wouldn’t be too shocking if Tara suddenly decided that she also needs to reconcile with the father of her three sons. After all, Tara and Amina have proved time and again that neither woman really wants him, they just don’t want each other to have him.

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Both Tara Wallace and Amina Buddafly have new books out and have been promoting them like crazy lately. Go figure that they work on the same exact project at the same time, it seems like they can’t stop competing with each other and it doesn’t just end with Peter Gunz.

Tara’s book, The Goddess Potential, is a self-help book that even Peter said helped him understand himself better. Amina wasn’t interested in self-help though and instead, she wrote a book called The Other Woman, and made it clear that she wasn’t speaking about herself.

Do you think Peter Gunz should end up with Tara Wallace or Amina Buddafly? Or should both of the Love and Hip Hop New York women just dump Peter for good? Sound off in the comments section below.

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