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Kristen Stewart Says It Took Six Years To Get Her To Host ‘Saturday Night Live’

Kristen Stewart has risen from child star, to teen icon, to a well-respected actress with enough variety to her credits that she may never be pigeonholed into any one genre, but, in all of that, there is one thing Kristen has never done. Until now, Ms. Stewart has never stepped out on the Saturday Night Live stage. As the Twilight actress prepares to change all of that, she talks about preparing for that fear-invoking live appearance and what her fans can expect, when her fans and SNL audiences tune in for this week’s show.

Kristen Stewart Faces Her Fear And Tackles Saturday Night Live

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Entertainment Tonight reveals that it took six years before Kristen Stewart was ready to tackle her fear of performing live, but, now that the Personal Shopper actress has set her mind to doing it, there’s no stopping her.

“I’ve just been being a total wuss about it and then I finally was like, at some point, you just have to bite the bullet, you know?” Stewart said Thursday on The Tonight Show. “And just fail. It will make you stronger, man.”

Once she committed herself to hosting Saturday Night Live, Kristen said she found it to be a fun experience. Joining Kristen on this week’s Saturday Night Live are Leslie Jones and musical guest Alessia Cara. In a promo skit for the live show, Jones asks Stewart if she’s excited about hosting SNL and Kristen, making fun of her own reputation for being a little too emotionless, reacted as one might expect. She shows almost no emotion at all in the skit.

Speaking previously about her demeanor and how much more at ease she has become with her fame in recent years, Ms. Stewart admitted that she hasn’t always been the best when tackling live public appearances.

“I know people love to say, ‘Oh, she doesn’t give a…’ like, no, I totally do, man!” says Stewart. “So yeah, I think I just feel a little bit more uninhibited or something.”

Everyone will have a chance to see Kristen in a live setting this Saturday, when she runs Saturday Night Live, and either bombs or nails it.

Personal Shopper Star Kristen Stewart And Model Stella Maxwell Get Away To Knott’s Berry Farm

Kristen Stewart, Stella Maxwell
Kristen Stewart and Stella Maxwell took a trip to Knott’s Berry Farm. [Image by Phillip Faraone/Getty Images]

Before she started preparing for her first Saturday Night Live gig, Kristen decided to blow off some steam in a short getaway to Knott’s Berry Farm with Victoria’s Secret model Stella Maxwell, reports Us Weekly. While taking in the sights at the Buena Park location, Kristen and Stella were spotted holding hands, proving that the pair is as tight as ever.

There seems to be a genuine attraction between Kristen and Maxwell, but how far will it go? One source close to Stewart told the magazine that Ms. Stewart and Ms. Maxwell, who are both 26-years-old, have gotten to know each other well recently, and that they’re developing a deep appreciation for one another. The source added that there’s no telling where the relationship will lead, or even if it will last long. Kristen and Stella are just taking it as it comes.

Kristen and Stella were first seen together shortly before the actress flew to Georgia to work on a new film about Lizzie Borden. While on location, Maxwell joined Stewart and the two were seen enjoying the change of location and had a great time, as they spent time sightseeing together.

Previously, Kristen Stewart has attempted to define her sexuality, and although she has almost exclusively dated women since splitting from her Twilight co-star, Robert Pattinson, Kristen still declines to label herself.

“I had to have some answer about who I was,” Stewart said in May, 2016. “I felt this weird responsibility, because I didn’t want to seem fearful. But nothing seemed appropriate. So I was like, ‘F***, how do I define that?’ I’m not going to.”

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