Seth Rollins takes a picture before surgery

WWE News: WWE Confirms Recent Injury Will Sideline Seth Rollins

WWE has released new information regarding the severity of Seth Rollins’ injury that occurred on Raw. Recently, WWE revealed photos of Rollins getting surgery done to quickly repair his knee, which initially collapsed during a match with Kane in November of 2015 in Dublin, Ireland. Since he had to undergo surgery, competing anytime soon seems out of the picture for Rollins.

Regarding this matter, the WWE has issued a statement on his status for the near future.

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“ can confirm that the former WWE Champion has not been cleared to compete at WWE Live Events this weekend. A full medical update will be given this Monday night on Raw.”

Of course, this is a horrible blow to any momentum that Rollins has been trying to gain since returning in May of 2016 at Extreme Rules. From his attack on Raw, the direction Rollins was heading included competing against Samoa Joe at Fastlane, followed by Triple H at WrestleMania 33. Now, unfortunately, the WWE called an emergency audible on WrestleMania plans, and other options are being set in place with the expectation that Rollins will miss his second big event in three years.

According to the Sun, Rollins is indeed expected to miss WrestleMania due to Joe’s attack during his Raw debut.

FanSided posted the conversation that Joe had with Rollins while he clinched in his Coquina Clutch. Afraid that, Rollins injured himself during the attack, he asked him if he was alright.

Rollins responded, “I hope so.”

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“As Samoa Joe was choking Seth Rollins out on the mat Monday night, he was aware enough to notice that something was wrong with The Architect, asking him if he’s okay. You have to listen closely for that part, but you can clearly hear Rollins respond to him with, ‘I hope so.’

“Right now, of course, there is a fear that Rollins may miss his second WrestleMania in a row, which would truly be the most heartbreaking part of all this if that is indeed the case.”

As reported, even if Rollins gets cleared right before WrestleMania 33, chances are that he still will not compete at the event, due to WWE being very cautious that he would re-injure his knee. Although this is tragic news for Rollins, it is best for his career in the long run. Theoretically, it would be better to miss this WrestleMania than to come back too early and suffer a knee injury that is career threatening.

WWE has placed the status of Rollins returning in time for WrestleMania as questionable, stating that “the full extent of Seth Rollins’ injury remains unknown.” However, the surgery performed to Rollins is a clear indication that there will have to be a recovery and rehabilitation timeframe.

At this point, the best option for Rollins is to sit out WrestleMania and prepare for the years to come. Sadly, it looks like he will miss another one, but it is ultimately for his good.

If Rollins stil wants to get involved at WrestleMania, there is certainly an opportunity. For instance, last year, both John Cena and The Rock had physical restrictions that prevented a full match, but both were involved at the event, as The Rock defeated Erick Rowan in seconds and Cena played the equalizer of the Wyatt Family outnumbering Rock.

Whichever bout Triple H is involved in at WrestleMania 33, Rollins can interfere and cost him the match. This can extend the feud to culminate at SummerSlam. Samoa Joe can still be involved in the feud as a hurdle, as he and Rollins can have a match at one or two pay-per-view events before August.

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There are certainly ways to work around Rollins’ injury. But, unfortunately, it looks like he will not be competing in Orlando on April 2.

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