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‘Young And Restless’ Spoilers: Michael Muhney Teases His Return As Adam Newman?

Young and Restless spoilers tease that Michael Muhney could return to the role of Adam Newman in the next few weeks. For months, it’s been rumored that he was rehired to play the role. Recently, Muhney spoke about his experience on Young and Restless and implied that he would get the chance to be Adam Newman again.

Young and Restless fans cannot help but feel excited that Michael may get the opportunity to reprise the role of Adam Newman. For years, the fans have been begging the network to give the talented actor another shot, and it looks like they may have finally listened to their viewers.

The fact that Muhney is eligible to be rehired reveals that he did not abuse anyone on the set. If he had truly groped Hunter King (Summer Newman), he wouldn’t be eligible to be rehired by the network. It seems like Muhney’s biggest hurdle to ink a deal is to get Eric Braeden’s (Victor Newman) approval.

According to the February 13 issue of Soap Opera Digest, Eric Braeden admitted that there was an actor who worked for the series that the fans believed the “lies he told.” Eric’s description of the actor left no mystery about who he was referring to. Michael Muhney and Eric did not get along well, and they both thought they were the best actor on the set and reportedly rubbed each other the wrong way.

The way Michael told the story, the Young and Restless showrunners stated that he was going to replace Eric Braeden as the patriarch on the show when he decided to retire. Of course, Eric was not happy with the implication that Muhney could replace him.

Several years ago, there were rumors that Eric tried to get Michael fired and that was the source of the sexual misconduct claims. Of course, Eric denies having a part in the scandal. Michael stated he tracked the rumor to a CBS employee from Florida.

Michael claims that in the past three years, he’s grown as a person. According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, the actor would like to return to Young and Restless to prove that he’s not the same self-absorbed actor he was before. There’s little doubt that the soap opera needs to recast Adam, and let’s face it: Muhney would fit back into the role very easily, considering he was Adam from 2009 to 2014.

The majority of Young and Restless fans would love to see Michael back as Adam. When he announced that he wouldn’t be Adam on Young and Restless anymore, viewers were very upset. Many swore they wouldn’t watch the show anymore, while others demanded that CBS reconsider and rehire Muhney to the soap opera.

The Young and Restless writer revealed in an interview several months ago that she didn’t see a need for Adam in the current storylines, but she wasn’t writing him off permanently. Muhney revealed that some time after her interview that he had been in contact with the soap opera, but he wouldn’t confirm whether he will reprise the role of Adam.

So far, CBS has been silent about the Adam recast. They have not confirmed or denied that Michael Muhney could be coming back to Young and Restless.

Michael’s fans continue to petition to CBS to bring the talented actor back to Young and Restless. They believe if they pressure the network enough, they will have to answer the fans as to why Muhney will not return to the role.

Young and Restless fans, would you like to see Michael Muhney as Adam Newman? Do you miss Adam on the show?

Young and Restless airs weekdays on CBS.

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