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WWE News: WWE Teasing Plans For The Undertaker With 4 Things He Has Never Done

There are a lot of rumors right now regarding WrestleMania 33 and, more specifically, The Undertaker. Everyone is wondering if he will really face off against Roman Reigns at the big pay-per-view, or if he is truly too injured to compete. Now, WWE is doing one of their great teases as to what may be in store by revealing four things that The Undertaker has not accomplished in his illustrious career.

Often times, WWE will make posts on their official website to get the fans talking and thinking about different possibilities. Anytime there is something mentioned about The Undertaker, people will sit up and take notice.

The latest video on the official website of the WWE is one that is less than three minutes long, but it raises a number of interesting points. Corey Graves hosts the video that details four things The Undertaker hasn’t accomplished in his almost three decades of destruction.

Compete in NXT

Yes, he has appeared on both Monday Night Raw and SmackDown, and he was even on both first episodes of the two series, but he has never competed in NXT. Graves gives a couple of examples such as Undertaker vs. Shinsuke Nakamura or the Brothers of Destruction taking on Authors of Pain, the newly crowned NXT Tag Team Champions.

This one isn’t likely to happen as The Undertaker is already part time on the WWE main roster to start. Anything is possible, though, and if he wanted to do it, the company would make it happen.

Defeat Vince McMahon

On a number of occasions, The Undertaker has faced off with Vince McMahon, but he has never been able to score a victory over him. He faced him on Monday Night Raw years ago, but Taker shoved the referee and got himself disqualified.

wwe news the undertaker future plans nxt vince mcmahon intercontinental title
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At Survivor Series in 2003, The Undertaker lost a Buried Alive match when Kane interfered and helped Vince. Now, McMahon is 71, and there is a good chance that he may never end up wrestling another match again.

Win the WWE Intercontinental Title

Over the years, The Undertaker has won seven world titles, seven tag team championships, and even the Hardcore Championship on one occasion. Now, Graves brings up the fact that The Undertaker has never won the Intercontinental Title, even though he has challenged for the belt on a few occasions.

As a matter of fact, he has never won any other titles in WWE, and that includes the European or United States titles.

wwe news the undertaker future plans nxt vince mcmahon intercontinental title
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Graves says that the current champion may need to watch his back if The Undertaker chooses to go after a belt he has never held. Currently, Dean Ambrose holds the Intercontinental Title and is on the SmackDown Live roster.

Win an Iron Man Match

The Undertaker has been in so many different types of matches, but he’s never had the chance to win an Iron Man Match because he has never been in one. He’s interfered in one many years ago, but he was not actually a part of the match.

The chances of The Undertaker participating in an Iron Man Match are extremely slim. Yes, he does have some of his WrestleMania matches go a good length, but there really is no way he could go for n hour or even really a full half-hour.

Some of these matches are possible, but there are a couple options which just seem like they will never happen. Right now, WWE is simply hoping that The Undertaker is healthy enough for more matches this year as Bleacher Report stated he has been hurting a lot since the Royal Rumble.

If The Undertaker is healthy enough to go, he will have a match at WrestleMania 33, and it will be a big one, whether it is against Roman Reigns or not. WWE going out of their way to tease these four things that he has never done in close to 30 years may mean absolutely nothing, but it could also be a hint at the future to come. While an Iron Man Match and competing in NXT seem incredibly out of the question, the other two aren’t impossibilities.

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