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Eileen Davidson Gives Credit To Dorit Kemsley: ‘RHOBH’ Star Changing Tune?

Eileen Davidson is the kind of housewife who is either loved or hated by Real Housewives of Beverly Hills viewers. While some people love that she speaks her mind and tells her own truth, others find that she’s too caught up in the drama. And there was a perfect example of this on this season of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, as she kept the panty gate going for quite some time with Dorit Kemsley. Dorit has pointed out that Erika Girardi’s private parts were showing in a white dress, and she kept it going for quite some time. And while Erika was over the panty gate controversy rather fast, Eileen Davidson didn’t understand why Kemsley kept bringing it up. This caused some friction between Eileen and the new housewife.

According to a new Bravo report, Eileen Davidson may be changing her tune in regard to Dorit after watching this week’s episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. While Davidson and Kemsley haven’t seen eye-to-eye during the first couple of weeks, it sounds like Eileen may have changed her mind a bit about the new housewife. Eileen Davidson watched Dorit’s conversation with Eden Sassoon about Kim Richards’ sobriety and rather than entertain the gossip, Dorit told Eden to take it up with Kim herself. And this may have scored her some points with Davidson.

“I think Dorit was right to tell Eden that she should talk to Kyle directly and that she didn’t want the talking behind people’s backs to continue. But I know she didn’t mean, ‘Let’s have a discussion about Kim in front of everyone but Kim,'” Eileen Davidson revealed on her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, sharing that she thinks Dorit did the right thing in her conversation with Sassoon.

But Eileen Davidson wasn’t quite done with the new housewife, who had been pushing to talk about Kim Richards’ issues. It’s no secret that Davidson has had her own experiences with Kim, as she hosted her own game night at her home with Kim and Brandi Glanville a few seasons ago. But she also respects Kyle enough to not talk about her sister behind her back. So when she sees the new housewife talk about it continuously, she has to put her foot down.

“At Kyle’s game night, I thought Eden had jumped in with some wise words that diffused the situation. Now she’s just pushing too hard. I’m not quite sure what she wants. Looks like she’s trying to save a life that doesn’t need saving. To my knowledge, Eden has never once seen Kim anything but sober, happy, healthy, and excited about her future. Like I said at the barbeque, I’m uncomfortable talking this much about Kim without her being there. And that’s all I’m saying on the subject,” Eileen Davidson explained on her Bravo blog for The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, sharing that she doesn’t want to talk about Richards behind her back.

Luckily for Davidson, she has plenty of other things she can talk about on her blog. It was this week that Erika Girardi came to the CBS studios to audition for a role on the Young and the Restless with Eileen. And this was something they had great fun doing.

“Erika coming to CBS was so much fun for me! I know she said she was nervous, but I wouldn’t have known it. She was a natural and a pleasure to read with. Listening and taking direction are the most important things and she did both. Sharing this part of my world with a friend is such a pleasure,” Davidson explained to Bravo.

What do you think of Eileen Davidson’s comments about Eden, Kim Richards, and the entire situation?

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