Rihanna is being accused of throwing some major shade at Jennifer Lopez

Rihanna Shades Jennifer Lopez With A Little Help From Mariah Carey

Rihanna may be throwing a little shade at Jennifer Lopez amid reports they’re caught in a nasty feud over Drake.

Rihanna took to Instagram to post a shot of Mariah Carey on February 2, which some fans are claiming could be her way of throwing another diss in Jennifer’s direction after months of reports claiming they’re no longer friendly now that Lopez appears to be dating her ex.

The “Diamonds” singer posted a shot of Carey to social media account which showed Mariah sporting footwear from Rihanna’s shoe line with Puma during a recent trip to the gym.

“Yo I made it!!! @mariahcarey in #FENTYxPUMA,” Rihanna captioned the snap of Carey, which showed Mariah sporting high-heeled boots from Rihanna’s range with a sporty bodysuit and fishnet tights.

Mariah Carey and Rihanna attend the launch of VEVO
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But while Rihanna’s Mariah upload seemed pretty innocent, fans were quick to note that Carey has a long-standing feud with Jennifer – who Rihanna has made no secret of her friendship with in the past – accusing Rihanna of now throwing just a little shade Lopez’s way by publicly supporting the “I Don’t” singer on social media.

“Rihanna you so shady posting this after DRALO [Drake and JLo] fell apart,” Instagram user @anitamiaaa commented on the upload. “Queen Petty.”

“Watch out bae the last time [Jennifer] put ur shoes on it wasn’t ur shoe she wanted it was ur man,” @oreoluwanoni added in the comments, hinting that Rihanna may have been throwing shade at Lopez.

As reported by Yahoo, Lopez and Carey’s nasty feud first began back in the early 2000’s after Mariah was asked about her feelings for the Shades of Blue actress, to which she uttered her now infamous response, “I don’t know her.”

The twosome’s feud only continued from there as Yahoo reported that Lopez most recently called Carey “forgetful” during an appearance on The Wendy Williams Show last year when asked about their feud. Mariah then continued to dish on the drama on Bravo’s Watch What Happens Live just weeks later.

Mariah Carey and Jennifer Lopez’s nasty feud then appeared to spill over into 2017 after Lopez’s romance with Drake hit the headlines as Jennifer allegedly threw a serious diss at Mariah following her disastrous performance on Dick Clark’s New Year’s Rockin’ Eve.

Huffington Post reported amid claims Rihanna was not happy about Jennifer and Drake dating that Lopez threw some serious shade at Carey, allegedly liking a fan’s Instagram comment that likened Mariah’s performance to a car crash.

“Ever seen an accident you couldn’t take your eyes away from? That was her tonight!” the Instagram user wrote of Carey’s performance, which Jennifer allegedly then liked on the social media site.

But while Rihanna hasn’t confirmed that her recent Instagram upload is her way of taking Mariah’s side and throwing out a diss amid her longstanding drama with Lopez, Rihanna and Jennifer have reportedly been on the outs ever since the Drake dating rumors hit the headlines in December.

Per Refinery29, Rihanna unfollowed Jennifer on Instagram after seeing a post Lopez uploaded of herself and Drake wearing matching robes, after which In Touch Weekly reported that she was feeling “very hurt” by the twosome dating.

Jennifer Lopez & Rihanna backstage at the 2014 iHeartRadio Music Awards
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The site claimed that Rihanna was seriously unhappy about JLo and her ex-boyfriend together just weeks after they broke up in October, alleging that Rihanna has been telling friends that she believes Jennifer is “desperate” and a “traitor” for getting together with Drake and supposedly sees their relationship as being the “ultimate betrayal.”

“Rihanna and Jennifer used to be good friends,” the source said, weeks before Rihanna was accused of sending out a diss to Jennifer by posting a snap of Mariah. “[Rihanna] even confided in JLo about her rocky relationship with Drake over the years.”

Hollywood Life also reported that Rihanna is supposedly seriously unhappy about Lopez and Drake dating, claiming that she was “really freaked out” by their romance because she and Jennifer used to be such good friends.

A separate source then went on to allege to the site last month that Rihanna is still “very angry” with both Lopez and Drake, claiming that she believed the duo have been “flaunting” their dating life to hurt her.

Do you think Rihanna was throwing shade at Jennifer Lopez for dating Drake by publicly supporting Mariah Carey?

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