Courthouse Sex Tape: Brittney Jones Posts Explicit Video From Courthouse Hallway

Courthouse Sex Tape: Brittney Jones Posts Explicit Video From Courthouse Hallway

A courthouse sex tape is going viral, with explicit footage of a Jacksonville woman identified as Brittney Jones performing a sex act with an unseen man inside a court hallway spreading around online and causing quite a controversy locally.

The video showed a woman performing a sex act inside the Duval County Courthouse while court was in session inside a room just feet away, News4Jax reported. The woman was was identified in media as Brittney Jones, with reports that she was the one who posted the explicit video on Twitter.

The report noted that the courthouse sex tape was filmed sometime on Tuesday morning, showing Brittney Jones performing a sex act with a man on a hallway bench. After learning about the incident later, court officials said they launched an investigation and found that the two people featured in the video were not employees of the court.

The sex tape filmed inside the Jacksonville court hallway was reminiscent of another viral video. In November, video of an unidentified couple having sex in a Walmart aisle went viral, drawing plenty of controversy online.

In the video, the couple was reportedly seen in an empty aisle inside the store. As Crave Online noted, the man filming the video appeared to look to make sure the coast was clear before the couple had sex. The video lasted close to two minutes in all.

As the report noted, the Walmart sex tape was actually intentionally leaked by the couple who filmed it.

“This couple actually uploaded the footage to the internet themselves, because that’s what you do nowadays,” the report noted. “But hey, good thing the woman was wearing what barely qualify as shorts, as it made it easier on this classy dude.”

A couple's Walmart sex tape went viral last year.
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The video drew an angry reaction from many people online, who noted that their disgusting act should have been punished, especially since it appeared to take place in a toy or sports aisle where children easily could have walked by. Others found it sad that the couple would upload the video themselves in a strange bid for attention.

There may have been some consequences for the couple in the explicit Walmart video. As Dude Comedy reported (via Crave Online), the pair were banned from the store and police may have gotten involved as well.

After the courthouse sex tape went viral, some members of the women’s family spoke out and said they were disappointed by her actions.

“I was working on my yard (and) I received several calls and texts that I needed to go to the news website and look up some courtroom. When I went on and saw my daughter, I was shocked — very, very shocked,” her father, identified only as David, told News4Jax.

David went on to say the he hasn’t been close to his daughter, but that tries to offer her guidance and believe she acted out of a need for attention. The woman’s actions hurt the entire family, David added.

“My mom’s hurt. My grandmother’s hurt. We are all hurt because we love (her). And we are trying to express how much we love her, but I think there is a wall up. I think she is hurt from the past,” he said. “I’m upset.”

The woman and man seen in the Jacksonville courthouse sex tape might never get in trouble for their racy act. Because no one saw the act itself, Brittney Jones and the unidentified man may not have actually committed any crime, News4Jax legal expert Gil Smith reported.

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