Mariah Carey's "I Don't" is all about James Packer.

Mariah Carey’s ‘I Don’t’ Lyrics Are Sweet Revenge On James Packer

Mariah Carey’s “I Don’t” lyrics are said to be all about her ex-fiance, billionaire businessman James Packer. The Sun writes that Carey is using “I Don’t” to “hit back” at Packer, and the timing is perfect. Carey’s fans don’t mind sharing that the lyrics of “I Don’t” lead to tears.

It’s no accident that January is the one year anniversary of the media storm that was Carey and Packer’s engagement announcement. At the time of the engagement, a Carey insider said that the “I Don’t” singer and Packer had “a connection that is unparalleled” and called the romance “a very beautiful experience for them both.”

Mariah Carey wrote "I Don't" about James Packer, but Carey and Bryan Tanaka are now a couple.
Mariah Carey and James Packer before the breakup and Carey’s “I Don’t.” [Image by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images for GLAAD]

The whirlwind love affair between Mariah and James hurtled from the deliriously happy engagement, a huge, 35-carat, emerald-cut diamond engagement ring, and plans for a luxurious tropical wedding to a sudden breakup.

Almost overnight, the romance blew up, and “I do” turned into “I don’t.”

Celebrity breakups often don’t end well, and the “I Don’t” singer’s split was on a cosmic level of bad celebrity breakups.

Now Packer is in financial trouble and still recovering from the outfall of the virulent breakup when Mariah said “I Don’t” to James. Vanity Fair reports that he’s fighting to “salvage his reputation and his love life” as he hides away to lick his wounds.

A friend close to Carey’s ex-fiance says that in the past, James has not coped well with crisis. The insider said it was so bad that James “could barely function, ate poorly, put on weight” to the point that “you wouldn’t recognize him as a human being.” In this romantic and financial crisis, Packer won’t speak to the press, and things don’t look good for him.

So Mariah released “I Don’t” as the perfect way to hit her ex-fiance while he’s down.

The pop diva goes all out with the sexy message that her ex made a big mistake when he lost Mariah. In the “I don’t” video release, the camera follows Carey “thrashing around in sexy lingerie,” and the “sultry cover” and “steamy imagery” are a big tease for Carey’s fans as well as Packer.

The chorus makes the meaning of the “I Don’t” lyrics crystal clear, just in case James wasn’t getting the idea from the rest of the song.

“Cause when you love someone/ You just don’t treat them bad/ You messed up all we had/ Probably think I’m coming back/ But I don’t, I don’t.”

Mariah Carey and Bryan Tanaka were together before the split with James Packer, but the "I Don't" singer wore her engagement ring everywhere.
Mariah Carey kept wearing her $10 million engagement ring from Packer until the last episode of her “Mariah’s World” reality show. [Image by Kevin Winter/Getty Images]

Some Twitter users think that “I Don’t” is actually about Carey’s ex-husband, Nick Cannon, rather than about James Packer.

Carey was furious when an article in an Australian magazine “blindsided” her with its headline in glaring all-caps: “IT’S OVER: JAMES PACKER DUMPS MARIAH CAREY.”

After that, the nasty news flew from each opposing camp. In the end, Mariah believed the friends who’d warned her that James was just using her for publicity. His high-profile romance with Mariah made him a household name.

For months, the “I Don’t” singer fell in with Packer’s plans to benefit his business by parading Mariah around on business trips.

A Mariah insider shared that people don’t care about Packer except in his role of Mariah’s ex-fiance.

“Why does anyone in Hollywood care about James, other than the fact that he was engaged to Mariah and he’s a partner in RatPac? Nobody knew who he was until Mariah.”

Carey’s fans don’t like seeing their diva hurt, and now that she has her revenge with “I Don’t,” they don’t care how Packer feels about it.

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