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‘Scandal’ Season 6, Episode 3 Spoilers: Cyrus Faces A Crisis, Olivia Pushes Hard

ABC’s Scandal Season 6 has finally kicked into gear, and things have already been wild. Episode 2 aired Thursday night, and viewers are dying for spoilers for Episode 3. Olivia is determined to take down Cyrus, but he is always a formidable opponent and this is going to be a fierce battle. Mellie and Marcus are facing difficult moments, and Abby is scrambling as Fitz tries to piece together a plan for how the country can put this chaos behind it and move forward in a united fashion.

To recap Scandal Season 6, Episode 2, Fitz pushed Mellie and Cyrus to work together on a compromise with one another in the wake of Frankie’s death, and everybody learned that Mellie and Marcus have already shared some steamy moments with one another. There were some great scenes involving Quinn and Charlie as she danced around an engagement to him and Jake put some serious pressure on the suspect in Frankie’s murder as Olivia and her Gladiators made connections that solidly pointed to Cyrus as the real culprit. What do spoilers reveal about where things head from here?

Kerry Washington plays Olivia Pope on 'Scandal'
‘Scandal’ spoilers tease that Olivia will be playing for keeps. [Image by Charley Gallay/Getty Images]

Scandal Season 6, Episode 3 spoilers from TV Guide detail that this one is called “Fates Worse Than Death,” and everybody will see Cyrus embroiled in a major crisis that impacts the whole country. As he is focused on this, Olivia and her Gladiators will dig deep to figure out the truth about Frankie’s murder. Spoilers from the previews detail that Cyrus will be fully aware of Olivia’s push to take him down, and while in the past he has typically managed to be strong and in control as he manipulates everybody around him, this situation has him under so much pressure that he may finally crumble.

Cyrus has made some bold and wild moves over the years, and he rarely acknowledges making mistakes or bad calls. However, spoilers for Scandal Season 6, Episode 3 demonstrate that he will seemingly be frightened and admit that he made a big mistake. It looks like whatever he’s done is in response to the fact that he knows that Olivia is coming for him. He clearly has a wicked web of lies he’s been spinning in his quest to gain more power than he’s ever had before, but Olivia is putting him on notice that she’ll find a way to expose him once and for all.

Elsewhere, spoilers for Scandal Season 6, Episode 3 share that Abby will talk to Fitz to convince him that he is being played, but viewers will have to tune in to see the context of these serious allegations. Abby has been challenged in big ways throughout the brutal campaign and in the wake of Frankie’s death, and she is clearly desperate to have an impact in getting things back on track. Will Fitz listen to her as she tries to get him to see what she believes is happening?

Who will win the battle that Olivia has initiated? Scandal spoilers from ABC for Episode 3 tease that Cyrus’ fate will be sealed as this national crisis plays out. As he scrambles to cover all of his bases, the Gladiators will be pulling out all of the stops to find out what really happened to Frankie. This show is known for its jaw-dropping twists and turns, so viewers likely shouldn’t assume that they have everything figured out quite yet.

Scott Foley plays Jake on 'Scandal'
Scott Foley directed the Season 6, Episode 3 offering of ‘Scandal.’ [Image by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]

It seems that Scott Foley, who plays Jake, directed this one, and ABC’s Scandal Season 6, Episode 3 photos reveal that there will be some heartfelt moments between Quinn and Charlie as well as some scenes involving Cyrus at home with his husband, Michael, and his daughter, Ella. Could his desperation to take over the country for himself lead to a situation that will take him away from Ella for good?

Did Cyrus kill Frankie, and can Olivia and her Gladiators prove it? Will Mellie end up taking on the role of becoming the president, or is a different outcome on the way? Additional spoilers for the Scandal Season 6, Episode 3 show should emerge in the days ahead, and fans will be anxious to see where things head next as this chaos plays out.

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