AT&T getting snarky with Google – file complaint with FCC

The idea that AT&T would file a complaint with the FCC over Google Voice, Google’s service that let’s users unify all their phone numbers under one common number, almost seems like a case of the kettle calling the pot black.

However AT&T’s argument is that because Google is in violation of telecommunication rules because Google Voice is blocking some calls to rural areas to cut down on network access expenses. This goes against the laws that require phone operators to offer unrestricted access says AT&T.

Google argues that Google Voice isn’t a traditional phone service and therefore the FCC shouldn’t be treating it as such. The FCC says they have received the letter and are reviewing it.

Interestingly enough AT&T says that even if the FCC takes Google’s side in the matter the search giant would be breaching the FCC’s own net neutrality rules as they stand today.

AT&T said in the letter that even if the FCC agreed with Google and defined Google Voice as a Internet service, the search giant’s practices would be a breach of net-neutrality principles already in effect at the agency and a violation of broader net-neutrality rules proposed Monday by FCC Chairman Julius Genachowski. AT&T has said it does not support the adoption of additional net-neutrality rules, which Google has backed.

“By openly flouting the call blocking prohibition that applies to its competitors, Google is acting in a manner inconsistent with the spirit, if not the letter, of the FCC’s fourth principle contained in its Internet Policy Statement,” Quinn said. “Ironically, Google is also flouting the so-called ‘fifth principle of non-discrimination’ for which Google has so fervently advocated.”

Source: Washington Post – AT&T Accuses Google of Violating Telecom Laws