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Jason Hoppy Stalking: Is Bethenny Frankel’s Ex Going After Her ‘RHONY’ Fame?

Jason Hoppy is a name you may not hear from Bethenny Frankel these days, as her divorce from Jason has been finalized. But it sounds like they won’t be settling their issues anytime soon, as Hoppy appears to be angry with his ex-wife. When the judge settled their divorce, he lost all of the spousal support he had been granted prior and Bethenny could keep her hard-earned money. And this past week, he made headlines because he was charged with harassment.

According to a new Radar Online report, Jason Hoppy may have a plan when it comes to his behavior with Bethenny. As it turns out, he may be looking for his big break in reality television, as he may be looking for some extra cash now that he has lost his spousal support.

“He wants to get her FIRED,” a source has revealed to Radar Online about why he’s going after Bethenny and stalking her at their daughter’s school in New York.

Jason Hoppy was charged with stalking and harassment this past week following an incident at Bryn’s school. He met Bethenny outside of the school, where he tried to start a fight with his ex-wife. He was arrested and charged, because there was a cease and desist order in place, where Frankel had asked him not to contact her. After the incident, she was granted a restraining order because she feared for her safety. She may not have been scared when she saw Jason Hoppy at Bryn’s school, but his words may have frightened her.

“I will destroy you. You can get all the lawyers you want. You’ve been warned,” Jason Hoppy supposedly told Frankel outside of his daughter’s school, and sources say that he had been sending her hundreds of emails and making numerous FaceTime calls.

“[Jason] has also been sending emails to her friends and business associates at Bravo!” the source continues to Radar Online, adding that he also told Bethenny’s boyfriend to be careful around her, telling him, “She’s pure evil. You’ve been warned. Don’t say I didn’t warn you.”

Bethenny filed for divorce in 2012 after the two had been married for just over two years. And the divorce, which was finalized this past summer in 2016, took a toll on Frankel. Jason Hoppy was granted spousal support and Frankel was asked to pay upwards of $10,000 per month in support. That allowed him to stay in their Tribeca apartment, which was the first thing she had purchased for herself. This stalled the divorce proceedings and it dragged out for years.

But now, Jason Hoppy may be looking for his next big break, as he wants to get Bethenny fired from The Real Housewives of New York and he may be looking for his own break in reality television. Of course, Hoppy filmed both The Real Housewives of New York and Bethenny Ever After, so he knows how well it pays and what it does for your fame.

“Your definition of harassment is comical. I will continue to communicate with you as I see fit,” Jason Hoppy supposedly wrote to Frankel back in October, and his behavior continues to get strange, as he supposedly asked her for a copy of her life insurance policy.

Bethenny has revealed that between November 2016 and January 27 of this year, Jason Hoppy had sent her about 160 emails, which seems like a scarily large amount. No word on what was in the emails, but she was clearly rattled, as their divorce was settled this summer and she has moved on from Jason.

“He’s obsessed with her and still has pictures of her around his apartment. He buys every magazine that she is in. He’s coming fame obsessed. She’s not easy and he [learned] everything from her. He now has her passion for public attention and wants his own reality show.”

What do you think of Jason Hoppy’s decision to harass Bethenny Frankel? Do you think he needs to move on and forget her?

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