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Selena Gomez ‘Pregnant’ With The Weeknd Baby After Discussing Family Plans?

Selena Gomez has reportedly discussed plans to start a family with The Weeknd with some of her pals, and the conversation quickly turned left, according to reports.

Reports have claimed that the singer is head over heels in love with her new beau, who she has been dating for two months. According to sources, the twosome can’t get enough of one another and rarely spend time apart, with Selena currently planning on following her man on his forthcoming world tour next month.

And while their relationship couldn’t be going any better, as claimed by Daily Mail, Selena Gomez does seem to be under the impression that things are moving a little too fast.

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In her mind, The Weeknd is the best boyfriend she’s ever had, sources claim, but that should not mean that things have to be rushed just because of how great things are going with their romance.

Those things that Selena is reportedly talking about are marriage and babies. During a recent get-together with some of her closest friends, the topic of carrying The Weeknd’s first child and settling with the R&B singer was raised. While it was mentioned in a joking manner, the thought of settling down with her new man seems to have crossed her mind once or twice before.

While Selena Gomez, too, has reportedly thought about the idea of starting a family with her beau in the near future, thinking that far ahead seems to have the singer acknowledge that things are moving a little too quickly.

“Selena [Gomez] is definitely not pregnant with The Weeknd’s baby and laughed with her friends and thought the latest rumors were hilarious,” a source tells Hollywood Life.

“She has been staying with a group of non-famous girlfriends lately, while she’s going in and out of LA traveling with Abel [Tesfaye]. It is not that she doesn’t want a family; she knows that he would be a great father, but things are still too new and fresh for her to be thinking about popping out kids with her new boyfriend.”

If things between Selena Gomez and The Weeknd continue to remain as positive as they have, there’s no doubt that things could potentially lead to the couple wanting to settle down and consider the thought of getting married, but it’s too early to even think about that, the source adds.

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Besides, the only thing that’s running through The Weeknd’s mind right now is his upcoming world tour, while Selena reportedly plans to release her next album later this year. It goes without saying that the couple will have a busy year ahead of them — so much that talking about family life is something that isn’t being thought about right now.

News of Selena Gomez having the intimate discussion with friends regarding her plans to eventually settle down with The Weeknd comes just weeks after reports claimed that the R&B singer’s ex-girlfriend Bella Hadid still hasn’t accepted the fact that the 26-year-old has moved on.

Hadid was stunned to learn about the couple’s relationship since she had supposedly considered Selena Gomez a close friend. It took Bella by surprise to find out that Gomez was seeing her ex-boyfriend since she hadn’t made the effort to even reach out to the model prior to going public with the relationship, insiders claim.

While Hadid has struggled to accept that the twosome is now an item, she has reportedly told family and friends that she wants to keep her distance from Selena Gomez at all times, allegedly stressing that the “Hands To Myself” songstress is a backstabbing traitor.

What do you make of Selena Gomez already discussing future plans to settle down and have children with The Weeknd? Is she thinking too far ahead?

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