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Lala Kent Explains Why She Kept Her Relationship Off ‘Vanderpump Rules’

Lala Kent has been facing rumors of having an allegedly married boyfriend since the start of Vanderpump Rules Season 5, so why didn’t she reveal her mystery man’s identity and silence the rumors once and for all?

With rumors continuing to swirl in regard to her top secret romance, despite the reality star having left the series at the end of last year, Lala Kent has taken to Twitter to address the ongoing speculation into her romance.

After a fan tweeted to Lala Kent, asking why James Kennedy said the rumors were true during a recent episode of Watch What Happens Live, she told the man, “I literally just said it’s played out. No one will ever get the answer they are looking for. Leave my f**king relationship alone. Enough.”

During an episode of Watch What Happens Live earlier this week, Kennedy, who Kent previously claimed had met her rumored athlete boyfriend, confirmed that Kent was not dating an athlete, but rather a Hollywood producer. Right away, many felt that Kennedy had confirmed the recent rumors, which suggest she is dating Randall Emmett, a producer who is currently married to actress Ambyr Childers.

Although Kennedy did not name any names, he suggested that he knew who Lala Kent’s mystery man was but was quickly informed by host Andy Cohen that he was not allowed to say his name.

Lala Kent also responded to a comment online about why she is okay showing off her breasts on Vanderpump Rules, but not her romance.

“Because my t**s and I signed up for the show. My man did not. End of story.”

Lala Kent further explained herself in another post on Twitter.

“My love life is between me and my man. [No one] else,” she wrote in her statement to fans on January 31. “[No one] will ever [know] the ins and outs of my relationship because I don’t owe that to you. I hold my relationships and friendships close to my heart. That’s all there is to say. Move on from the f**king married man thing. It didn’t happen. I know y’all wish it did. But again, you don’t know s**t. This is played the f**k out. Made a great storyline for Season 5 [though]. [You’re] welcome.”

Lala Kent was first targeted by rumors of being a sugar baby early on during Vanderpump Rules Season 5 and despite her denials, the rumors continued throughout the season. According to Stassi Schroeder, she and Kent have mutual friends, which is how she learned of the alleged relationship. Meanwhile, a number of her other co-stars, including Jax Taylor, Katie Maloney, and Scheana Marie, have also targeted Kent with claims of bad behavior.

At the end of last year, weeks into the fifth season of Vanderpump Rules, Lala Kent attempted to stop the married boyfriend rumors when she appeared on Keven Undergaro’s podcast series, The Tomorrow Show, and suggested that her boyfriend was an athlete with endorsement deals at stake.

“He has a lot of endorsement deals, and a lot of things that, I’m sorry… he’s not going to screw up to appear on Vanderpump Rules,” Lala Kent explained to Keven Undergaro on the show, via a report by Perez Hilton in December.

To see more of Lala Kent and her co-stars, tune into Vanderpump Rules Season 5 on Monday nights at 9 p.m. on Bravo TV.

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