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Donald Trump’s Doctor Opens Can Of Worms Divulging Private Hair Info? [Opinion]

Donald Trump’s doctor offered up some medical news about his long-time patient, the 45th president of the nation. It is the type of information that could allow the late-night talk show hosts to have a field day for a few different reasons within the report. Where were Trump’s advisers when the doctor went public with this? Didn’t anyone see the potential in Trump’s private information being set free?

Dr. Harold Bornstein, who reportedly treated Trump medically for decades, offered up the medications Trump is prescribed. One of the drugs Trump is taking is to promote hair growth, which explains that lavish full head of hair he sports.

Chances are Trump OK’d the doctor passing along this information because the HIPAA laws wouldn’t allow it without his consent. Considering this man is Trump’s doctor, one would assume he follows the laws set forth by HIPAA. If Donald Trump did allow his doctor to talk about his medical information, you would think someone from Trump’s camp would have seen the potential with this information going out to the public.

This just offers up ammunition for those who like to poke Trump with a stick. With the turmoil around Donald Trump taking a hard stand against many issues plaguing the country today, this was probably the last thing he needed. The headlines are already honing in on one of the possible side effects of this drug Trump is taking, which is a low libido.

According to the New York Times, Dr. Harold Bornstein spoke via a phone interview about Donald Trump’s medication regimen, which includes three medications. Bornstein said Trump takes a baby aspirin daily and a statin to lower cholesterol. The third medication Trump takes is for an off-label benefit of the drug, or for a welcomed side-effect of the medication.

The medication is finasteride, a prostate drug, but it also promotes hair growth. Bornstein told the Times that Trump takes a low dose of this medication which lowers the levels of PSA. The drug is also marketed as Propecia, which was a drug that saturated TV with commercials a few years back because it treats male-pattern baldness.

During the interview, which was about Trump’s medical history, Bornstein credited finasteride for letting him keep his own full head of shoulder-length hair. Bornstein noted, “He has all his hair. I have all my hair.” It didn’t take long for someone to look up the side effects of this medication, which may include “a loss of sex drive and the reduced ability to get an erection,” which AlterNet News reports in their article.

With all that Donald Trump is facing today in the form of ridicule, the fact that he is taking this medication to maintain his sweeping head of hair might have best been left private. Now that Donald Trump’s hair is on the table, it also didn’t take long for a picture of his late mother sporting a sweep-over coiffure to show up online. The late Mrs. Trump’s hair has been compared to Donald Trump’s hair. You can see the picture of the late Mrs. Mary Trump below.

The doctor reporting on Trump’s medication history really opened a can of worms. Headlines are now popping up about the possible side effects of this drug, with a low libido leading the pack. The International Business Times headlines suggests that Tump’s hair medication “causes sexual dysfunction and mental confusion.” Some of the headlines are more interested in the potential the drug has for sexual side effects than they are about Trump’s sweeping head of hair and the secret behind it.

The New York Times also asked Bornstein about Trump’s recently describing himself a “germophobe.” Trump never discussed that with the doctor, although he did have the habit of changing the paper on the examination table himself.

Bornstein not only treated Trump, but all three of his wives as well. He told the Times that he cared for Trump’s first and third wives and “occasionally” the second, which would be Marla Maples. Hopefully this doctor got permission from Trump’s two ex-wives and the first lady because this is confidential stuff!

According to AlterNet, “White House officials are yet to comment on the information provided by the doctor.” It is very surprising with Trump having access to his own advisers that someone didn’t nix the doctor’s report after seeing the potential in this disclosure to the public.

Trump’s hair appears to be somewhat of an Achilles’ Heel, as he has often commented that his hair is real. Even during the inauguration when it started to rain, he commented that at least when his hair gets wet, people will know his hair is real. Did he realize the doctor would share his hair secret with the masses?

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