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Kourtney Kardashian: ‘KUWTK’ Star’s Reaction As Scott Disick ‘Cheats’ In Miami

Kourtney Kardashian wasn’t surprised to see her on-again, off-again boyfriend Scott Disick partying with two female companions in Miami this week, it’s been reported.

The reality star, who allegedly called it quits with Disick just two weeks ago, had predicted that the father of her three children was bound to have another wild moment before the month’s end.

In just three weeks, Kourtney Kardashian found herself having to demand answers from Scott, who not only ditched Kim in Dubai in favor for a wild party in Sundance but also his lack of support when it came to settling down and raising their children together.

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As previously mentioned, Kourtney Kardashian reportedly gave Disick another chance back in December, convinced that with the efforts Scott had made to be a better parent to his three children, perhaps he could apply those same thoughts when it came to the couple’s troubled relationship.

But just weeks after building things up again, Kourtney supposedly realized that things weren’t going to work out since Scott hadn’t change a bit. For the kids, yes, but as far as being in a committed relationship with the mother of his children, it’s still the same old game.

Hollywood Life is now claiming that Kourtney Kardashian is worried more than anything. She’s not upset about the fact that Scott is hooking up with strangers — after all, they are not together anymore. Scott is free to do whatever he wants, the source notes.

What’s worrying Kardashian is that Disick’s partying is beginning to get out of control, and if the 33-year-old’s behavior is starting to alarm Kourtney, it has to be serious.

“Honestly, she can deal with Scott hooking up with randoms — it’s his partying that’s freaking her out,” the source reveals.

“First he goes MIA in Dubai, then he’s going wild in Sundance and now he’s partying like a 21-year old in Miami.”

Even though the couple is no longer seeing one another, Kourtney Kardashian still cares for Scott, having spent ten years of her life with the man who famously makes his sole income through club appearances and his appearances on Keeping Up With the Kardashians.

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Just last week, Disick joined Kourtney and her famous family on their brief trip to Costa Rica, but it wasn’t until everybody jetted home that made the mother-of-three raise her eyebrows, having been told that Disick had made plans to fly to Miami instead of returning to Los Angeles with the kids, Daily Mail reveals.

At this given point, Kourtney wants nothing more than for Scott Disick to be healthy and happy. On top of that, she expects him to handle himself accordingly and not find the need to party all the time, let alone hook up with complete strangers.

“Kourtney Kardashian wants him home to help out with raising their three kids,” the insider declared. “Mason is seven now and needs his dad more than ever. Scott’s a great father when he’s focused, but he’s gone off the rails recently. She really hopes he gets back on track for the sake of their children.”

Kourtney Kardashian’s troubled on-again, off-again romance with Scott is expected to play out on the forthcoming series of KUWTK, which the E! network has already confirmed will be returning on March 13.

It’s unclear what Kourtney Kardashian plans on doing in order to get Disick back on the right path, but at this given point, she can’t do much more than hope the TV star will get his act together — for the sake of their children, at least.

How do you feel about Kourtney’s reaction upon hearing that her ex-boyfriend is allegedly hooking up with multiple women just days after spending an entire week with her?

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