Beyonce underrwater baby bump stunt is a must watch

A Must Watch! Pregnant Beyonce Floods Internet With Underwater Baby Bump Stunt

After announcing that she’s expecting twins with Jay-Z on Wednesday, Beyonce immediately shared the rest of the maternity photo shoot. From posing in front of floral foliage to an underwater baby bump stunt, this album has certainly a stamp of true Queen Bey’s style. Indeed, this short clip is a must-watch!

Queen B is sassy in welcoming her twins

The 35-year-old singer flooded her website,, with photos and behind-the-scenes of her iconic baby bump photo shoot. It included throwback pictures of Blue Ivy when she was still a wee babe. The collection also featured ethereal underwater clips as Beyonce was covered in a colorful array of scarves highlighting her blossoming tummy.

Beyonce underrwater baby bump stunt is a must watch
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The clip started with Beyonce plunging into the bottom of the pool, looking straight at the camera. As soon as she rests at the bottom, she then cradles her growing baby bump. Queen Bey didn’t have any qualms at all as she took these amazing photos of herself and her baby bump swathed in brightly colored fabrics, without wearing underwear.

A swathe of gold fabric is wrapped around her bosom and legs, while a red strip of the same material is knotted below her bump. Beyonce puts on a glossy pink lipstick with very light make-up on as she contorted her body in different poses to showcase her bump’s best angle. The photos can only be described as dreamy and breathtaking as she pulled this underwater stunt. She even did a somersault underwater giving us major flashbacks to her “Lemonade” music video. All hail the Queen B!


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The Grammy-winner entitled the album, “I have three hearts” and included quotes from poems by Somali-British poet, Warsan Shire, which is very much closely-linked to the theme of the photo shoot.

“Venus has flooded me, second planet from the sun, I wake up on her foamy shore…girl turning into woman, woman turning into mother, mother turning into Venus. I’m watching life inside me grow; there’s life growing inside of me and I’m beside myself with dreams. Was it your voice I heard? You speak to me from inside me, I have three hearts,” the poem read.

Beyonce underrwater baby bump stunt is a must watch
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Her other photos speaks of motherhood

As an avant-garde musician and artist, Beyonce shared a couple of beautiful photos of her baby bump in different settings and outfits. Her stunning images were greatly inspired by the Birth of Venus painting by Sandro Botticelli, which portrays the goddess of love standing atop a shell as she emerged from the sea as an adult woman.

Beyonce cops a red lippy while her long curly locks framed her face, flowing all the way down to her bottom. She even let her daughter, Blue Ivy, five, join in on some of the shoots. One image shows Blue holding up a sprig of flowers as she sat up alongside Beyonce. The second picture was more intimate as Blue held a pair of pink roses while giving Beyonce’s bare stomach a kiss.


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There was also an image that shows Beyonce posing atop a flower-filled car. She also took a snap of a “fairytale wonderland” theme as she sits on a wooden throne made of flowers, putting on a fairy crown.

A completely naked Beyonce was also seen in the photos. One was taken in black-and-white where it describes the Queen B as a strong and raw woman, with her hair worn loose over one shoulder. Another snap was of Beyonce, putting on a wet look as she covers her breasts with her right arm while cradling her baby bump with the other.

Congrats @Beyonce x1000!

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The Queen is obviously handling it very well and we’re looking forward to the new arrivals of the Carter family.

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